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Anubis Talks Real Life In “Chopped Heads”

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Anubis comes launching into the hip-hop industry with his explosive and genre bending style. Anubis’ cultivates a unique flow and rap style that sets him apart in today’s mainstream music scene. A talented producer and lyricist, Anubis has had his music featured on radio stations, streaming platforms and various underground music blogs. Through his music, Anubis speaks the truth about growing up in rough areas and spit rhymes about real life.

“Chopped Heads” by Anubis was released early March 2019 and we’re bumping it on repeat. He showcases his alluring Atlanta grit and fuses it flawlessly with a heavy, dark, hard hitting beat. Anubis has an eclectic and poetic flow, with a hard rasp in his voice that sets him apart. His overall sound reminds me of the notable Kendrick Lamar but with Anubis’ own spin on it. In “Chopped Heads”, Anubis spits bars about real life, and not caring about being criticized or judged. Growing up in a rougher part of Atlanta, Anubis says he had to see some bad things and do some bad things to survive. Luckily through music, he was able to take a step back and see that he was part of the problem. He now speaks his truth, through experience, about problems that plague communities.  I highly recommend you check out this up and comer, Anubis!

Listen to “Chopped Heads” here and read more below in our interview!

Hi Anubis! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers?

Yeah Sure , Im an underground artist and producer. Born in North Carolina, at age eight my family and I moved to Atlanta, Ga. Everything went down hill after that and It all contributed to my personality and music. My life is pretty much music and outside of that im a "rootworker".

How did you get started in music?

What age were you? So my Father Charles Rorie was a local Dj in North Carolina made music since I was a child, boombap was all I was surrounded by or whats considered old school. I was around twelve I started writing about poverty, struggling, and my environment.

What’s your writing process like?

First I would produce a track based off my mood. I never pre plan what it would sound like I just let what come out to just be. Based off that track I will listen to it and start to write and pretty much let subconscious take over. A lot of songs I've made, I would listen to it and pick up on topics I didnt even know to much about. That alone allows me to listen to myself from another perspective like another artist made it. Sounds crazy but the best things in life happened naturally. Afterwards, I sit and study all I wrote to present it to get feed back and drop the song or album to stream.

What inspired you to write “Chopped Heads”?

Deep thought of my truth in what I see being unnoticed in the world. Mainly the people I encounter who alot of them are social activists. From the youth to the elders of my community that live in the trenches. The rage of myself and others pretty much inspired this song. Instead of me saying we gone be alright and lets protest , im saying war.

Whats the meaning behind the track?

The title sounds brutal but its a metaphor for loosing your mind , being told how to think , being mindless , Anti Governed mentally. From police shootings to the crimes going on in the news no one speaks on how we as the people feel. All everyone talk about is money, selling drugs, and whatever other generic topic. Hip Hop is a movement you cant be afraid to speak on politics and whats going on in the community. Chopped Heads is a militant anthem for free thinkers and a creative expression against neo colonialism. Chopped Heads is a song you will have to listen to over and over again. Alot of the jewel's in this song deal with Spirituality. The overall energy of the track ist to rally up everyone who can resonate with the song and give them they war song.


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