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Anya Axel Is Keeping Our Interest “Alive” With Her Refreshing Sound

Anya Axel’s track “Alive” was written, produced and composed by Anya herself and  was recorded with Threshold Productions at The Lodge Studios. The song is a poetic ballad about loving someone so much that you would do absolutely anything for them because they are the only person that makes you feel “Alive”. The lyrical metaphors are heavy and intense, it’s incredibly impressive that Anya wrote this song at only 17 years old. Imagine taking all of your teenage emotions and putting them on paper and turning that poetry into intricate lyrics. The dark synths and flowing chorus make “Alive” a mesmerizing hit.  Anya Axel is a force to be reckoned with, through her dreamy emotional pop sound and her alluring, angelic voice, she is unstoppable. 

Anya Axel is a 22 year old singer-songwriter from Boston, MA. She has an impressive repertoire under her belt, independently releasing one studio EP, "Golden Galaxies", and two singles, "Alive" and "Sadurday". Anya describes her style of music as "ethereal emo dream pop". I highly recommend you check out all of Anya’s impressive music and stay on the lookout for Anya Axel and her future musical endeavors! 

Give a listen to Anya Axel's “Alive” here!


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