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Anziz Az Combines Comedy With a Unique Music Styling to Create Track "2 Cooks"

Before moving to the United States, comical Hip/Hop artist Anziz Az resided in Porto Novo, Benin. The attribute of Anziz Az's sound that really set him apart from other Hip/Hop artists, at least for us, was his ability to remain consistently funny and modern with his content. He gets inspired by everyday events, little or small, to create soundings that truly contribute to the betterment of the Comedy/Hip-Hop category. He's beginning to make bigger waves within the music community, especially with his recent release of "2 Cooks". The track was inspired by two cooks that Anziz Az worked with, showcasing his versatility in making any average occurrence into a storytelling affair. Let's dive deeper into the specific soundings of "2 Cooks".

Pretty soon into "2 Cooks" we're brought into the upbeat and notably catchy vocal outflow from Anziz Az. His vocal performance is very quick, but he does such a good job of balancing the overall dynamic to ensure the track doesn't seem clustered. Anziz Az includes Mariachi components in order to liven up the atmosphere of the track, and he absolutely succeeds in doing so. There seriously wasn't one part of the song where we felt underwhelmed. Anziz Az executed the recording of "2 Cooks" in the best and most fun way possible. With the release of "2 Cooks", Anziz Az truly highlights his capabilities to extend into the world of comical vocalism, while still maintaining that Hip/Hop type feel. It's great, and we were absolutely hooked in. Give a listen for yourself to see!

You can find "2 Cooks" by Anziz Az here.

Hi there Anziz Az! Great to have you here on BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of "2 Cooks"! How was the process of creating this track, especially considering you added elements of comedy within? Do you think adding those elements takes the creative process longer than usual to construct a song? First: Thanks for the opportunity BuzzMusic! Everything always starts with the production honestly! I always try to incorporate new instruments to hip hop which this time is the Accordion and automatically once done I thought about who are the people I know use it the most and in my experience is the Mariachis from Mexico. And since my music character is a chef I had to blend in with it and try to make it as funny as possible cause one of the best ways to people's hearts is memes. I then decided to get the right vocalist which is T-Diamonds this time cause he's one of the funniest musical talented I know! I dm him that I just wanna do some funny Mexican cooks dancing song and sent him the beats. Surprising It's actually ended up being one of the quickest songs I ever worked on cause he walked in the studio with no lyrics and nailed the song in 32mins.

What would you say has been your earliest memory regarding music? Would you say that your home life shaped the way you express your sound today?

My main earliest memory of music will definitely be that one Lex Luger video my uncle showed me in 2011 that made me fell in love with the process of creating. Before that I was just a fan of all music mainly considering where I'm from we consume all genres from Traditional, Latino vibes, French zouks, to trap and so one! What really shape my sound is the idea of setting a trend in hip hop! Bring that new instrument that no one has ever used in hip hop like the Accordion on 2 Cooks, the Balafon on Bildine's DCA; The glasses on High-End Middle III; I have a whole instrument long list I go through every time to produce to find that magic that will bring something unfamiliar to the game.

"2 Cooks" was bustling and incredibly fun to listen to! Your live shows must be an absolute blast. Tell us more about your performances, and what the energy feels like in the venue?

Unfortunately, we still have not had a chance to perform 2 Cooks but considering the power of entertaining of T-Diamonds you could already imagine what 2 cooks will be on stage! We working on it and hope to make it happen soon. As you said I know people waiting to see it, we probably will bring the whole kitchen on stage who knows! haha

Now that 2019 is quickly coming to an end, are you planning on creating any more tracks for the new year?

Yes! 2 Cooks was not actually part of my plan to end this year cause we in a cuffin season and 2 cooks is more like a summer anthem! I was working on a cuffin season with a talented Chrxstal Sarah but we put in on pause for timing reason, and then 2 Cooks pop up out of nowhere in my mind and I know I just have to bring into life!

We're thankful you took the time to talk us through your music! We hope to hear more from you. For now, where do you think your artistry is heading and/or transforming for the year to come?

It's my pleasure to be here and have this conversation with you, I'm extremely grateful for this! For this 2020 year, my goal is to continue what I'm doing but more than I did in 2019! I'm hoping to drop one song/video every month with totally different artists compare to the 4 I released this year! For the ones that were with me, support me, listened to my songs and watched my videos, I can promise you we bring a totally different dimension of creativity again in 2020! Thanks for the love!


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