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AOIFE Drops a Brilliant and Gripping Debut Single, “SID”

The Irish-born, Hamilton-based singer-songwriter and recording artist AOIFE makes her big and bold debut with a groovy and conceptual single entitled "SID."

AOIFE (Aoife-Louise Doyle) is truly carving her own unique path in the independent music scene. She's known for creating a blend of folk, rock, pop, r&b, jazz, and everything in between. The college vocal major has one goal when it comes to her blossoming music career; to make a long-lasting impact on the listener through meaningful lyrical themes of love, heartbreak, despondency, isolation, open-armed independence, and solace.

Now releasing her dynamic, bold, and passionate debut single, "SID," AOIFE delves into a highly relatable and unforgiving theme of toxic love and being in denial of its demise. "In the early stages of SID, it was initially meant to be a love song. Over the years, it unfolded into a mix of conscious and subconscious voices of a person in love," wrote AOIFE.

Jumping into the single, "SID," the track opens with AOIFE's soothing vocals overtop of a lush synth arrangement that opens the song like a breath of fresh air. As the powerful and dense instrumental begins to set it, AOIFE tells the tale of a broken relationship while drenching us in major to minor shifts alongside her breathtaking delivery.

This song feels like three songs in one, but in the best and most cohesive way possible. AOIFE later ventures into a bright and groovy alternative soundscape on the hook while making her way to the fiery, powerful, and exhilarating outro. The sounds of rock blast through our speakers while AOIFE ends the song on a note of introspection. We're thoroughly impressed with such a jam-packed and ear-worm piece like this, and we're sure it will bring AOIFE's career to new peaks.

Introduce yourself to AOIFE's debut single, "SID," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic AOIFE, and congratulations on releasing your powerful and compelling debut single, "SID." When did you begin creating this track? How long did it take to finalize and release it?

Thank you so much! Oh gosh, I began writing this song back in 2018, but I sat on it for a long time; I would work on it, put it down, work on it, etc. The form and lyrics of the tune were written pretty quickly, moving sections around here and there, but the style it finally sits in now took a long time. I wrote it on this little old keyboard, so it was initially very bare and pretty, but I couldn’t decide instrumentation-wise what I wanted to do with it. I tend to hear my tunes fully finished with a band in my head, but all I could hear for SID was an upbeat chorus that makes you bop that I couldn’t quite place - It wasn’t until I took it to my team that it started to really come to life and be that tune I heard in my head. The process was definitely dragged out due to covid, but SID was then finalized back in the summer of this year. What initially inspired your lyricism for "SID," and how did the lyrical theme change over time? Would you say the song evolved when you evolved as a person?

I was in love and was simply writing about it. It was a love song in its purest form and still kind of is. I write my lyrics pretty loosely at first, using a stream of consciousness to see what my mind actually wants to talk about and then I piece it all together and rewrite it using those ideas. So as I was working on this song throughout my relationship, I started to realize that there was a lot of repetition going on that sounded manic and in denial almost. When my relationship started to dwindle, it quickly showed me that SID wasn’t the love song I was trying to make it be. In hindsight that could be why it took so long. Once I let SID evolve into a new narrative, that’s when it all came together. Did you team up with any musicians or producers for the bold and brilliant sonics/instrumentals in "SID?" What vibe or atmosphere did you want the song to emit?

Yes! Levi Kertesz and Devon Savas. Dev has been my bass player in many different music outlets over the years. We were in a band together, Blue Mantra, and built that collaboration, so he became my go-to for just another brain to bounce ideas off of. I showed him SID in the very early stages when I started writing for my solo project. It was really hard to get SID out of its soft piano setting as I really wanted it to be more upbeat, but he and I bounced a lot of ideas back and forth and he really helped me pull it into the upbeat feels that I wanted. Down the road, Levi joined the project and became the producer for SID, adding so many layers and pentatonic licks that really made SID come to life. The two of them nail it every time and the tune wouldn’t be what it is without them. I wanted the vibe to be fun & upbeat with a hook that would get stuck in people’s heads. Also, classic me had to add a little bit of spice of emotional outbursts haha I love synths and I love bass, so I wanted both to drive the tune from beginning to end. What did you want to make your audience think and feel when listening to "SID?"

I wanted them to first physically feel it, make them bop. But I’m also all about the heartstrings, so I hope for them to feel and relate to the love I had and understand how quickly it can turn. Once the second verse comes in, you can hear it getting a little eerie with the bass driving and that specific chord on the guitar; things start to sound less pretty and more intense. This is the first introduction to the emotional flip. From then on, all my lyrics sound like a person in denial, falling into that manic state. What's next for you?

Everything! Haha, another single in the new year, followed by my EP. It feels so incredible to be making and releasing music again, so I’m ready to just get stuck in.

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