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Apoll0’s “Infinite 444” Spreads a Message of Awareness and the Purpose of Life

Experimental artist Apoll0 grew up from a young age with strong musical influences around him. Both of his parents were involved in the arts and kickstarted Apoll0’s fascination with music and sounds. After learning guitar and finding his own passion and sound throughout high school, Apoll0 has truly created a unique discography.

“Infinite 444” is Apoll0's most recent release, one which breaks genre boundaries with Hip-Hop, Alternative, and R&B elements. His experimental sound includes spoken word elements that intricately describe the questioning and contemplation that goes on in one’s head on a daily basis. The smooth melody enters and Apoll0’s nonchalant and sedative vocals go on to lull the listener into a deeper state of consciousness. The beat that underlies the melody gives the song spirit and boldness, such that it will stick around in the listener’s head long after a first listen. Apoll0’s perseverance and determinant nature are apparent in the lyrics of “Infinite 444”, with lyrics such as “Patience is grace-land, without it you’re wasting the time left on earth”.

For Apoll0, 444 symbolizes awakenings and awareness, a sense of purpose that Apoll0 has created for himself. This awakening is infinite, and he wants to spread this message to all who will have the privilege of listening. Apoll0 is in it for the long haul and will not stop working until his music can reach the attention of many.

Congratulations on the release of your newest single “Infinite 444." What was the production process like for “Infinite 444?" Do you find that being extra involved in the creative process is difficult or rewarding?

For this song, in particular, it was interesting because it’s the first time I feel as if I perfectly captured a certain feeling within a song exactly how I felt in that moment. So, the production behind it was quite fun and interesting and gave me a better insight into capturing that perfect sound in future releases. I feel it is very difficult but definitely rewarding. There is nothing more fulfilling than using your creativity in a way that brings something to life. That YOU bring to life.

How would you describe “Infinite 444” to someone who has never heard an Apoll0 song before? What is your favorite element of “Infinite 444?"

Infinite 444 is a creative story, and I hope anyone who listens can take from that story however they perceive it. The song has many elements, but nothing compares to the vibe you can feel as you listen. The intro gives off a weight off your shoulders type of feel, and in that relief, the beat comes in with the chorus in such a way that you can’t help but sway as the song progresses. If I had to pick a favorite element, however, it would have to be the voices and how you can at times hear all 3 separated giving the song almost an early A$AP vibe.

How do you think your sound has changed since you first learned to play guitar? How does “Infinite 444” compare to your previous releases?

I would say a lot has changed, given that I learned when I was so young. Rock, blues, jazz, hip hop, and many more genres have impacted me from my childhood till now, but since my time as Apoll0 I believe my sound has progressed strongly. There isn’t a comparison. Everything to come has a whole new production, and energy backing each song that some previous releases lacked.

What advice would you give to a young artist like yourself who is struggling to push through in the music industry?

Keep pushing out music. Don’t listen to everybody talking down on home studio either, as some of the most successful artists in this industry, and even those on the rise all got their start in someone’s basement or bedroom. If you feel you aren’t where you wish yet, remember that music is meant to be enjoyed. If you can’t enjoy your journey to success in all the ups and downs, then you’re doing something wrong. Keep pushing, always.

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