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Apollo V Is Going To Be Jumping The Charts With His New Hit

His name is Jeremy Bustamante but he goes by the stage name “Apollo V” and he’s the next rap prodigy you probably won’t see coming. Apollo V released his single “Jump” and he reminded me a lot like an interesting mix of current iconic rappers such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and J.Cole. With a rap style and flow similar to kendrick, swag similar to drake, and the storytelling lyrical ability similar to J.Cole. He didn’t miss a single beat throughout the entire song and gave us a non-stop flow. What impressed me was his breathe control throughout. In my opinion there’s rappers and there’s mc’s. There’s rappers who know how to simply write a rap song with not much lyric substance behind it but a dope beat, fun lyrics, and an addicting hook. Then in my opinion, there’s the MC’s who can drive forward a 3 minute song full of nothing but bars. I take the MC’s more serious due to their raw skill and talent however in those two divided sub-genres of rap music in my opinion, Apollo V falls into the MC category but knows how to weave the lines between a catchy rapper as well. I mean the potential is just there, and anybody who doesn’t see it must be blind! Apollo V is the next big thing for sure.

Listen to Apollo V's "Jump" here, and catch the artist's interview below to get to know him better!

What inspired you to go by the stage name “Apollo V”

My artist name came about due to my Interest in Greek mythology and one of my favorite movies, “V for Vendetta”. Apollo is considered to be a God of music as well as many other titles, V for vendetta really represents my desire to help a worthy cause. Lots of overthinking involved, i’m just a geek at times.

What is your opinion on the current status of hip-hop?

I guess the best way for me to express my opinion is just say that I appreciate the energy in the artists work. The current status of Hip-Hop to me has been presenting countless opportunities for artist to adapt & incorporate more than intricate lyrics to their music. It’s the feel, the vibe, the energy. Aside from this, I think everyone enjoys good lyrics to listen to as well.

How long have you been rapping for? Has anything ever held you back?

Funny thing is that I started just writing stories until poetry took over for about 4 years. One of my friends heard my poems and couldn’t imagine what was being said on paper to come from me. So I tried rapping on a beat and came out with my Dreamer EP. So officially rapping, I’ve been do this for about 2-3 years. Since then I’ve been practicing to better my craft and educate myself in business. My image held me back for a long period of time. I felt like I didn’t fit into a certain criteria in Hip-Hop or maybe my music sounds too off topic in my society. It wasn’t until I randomly got over it and said to myself that the world is bigger than Florida and someone it bound to appreciate the music I’ll create for their enjoyment.

Who are you currently listening to right now in the hip-hop game?

I listen to so many artist in the game right now.

I mostly listen to Tory Lanez, J.Cole, THEY and Xxxtentacion a lot more than others from only my hip hop playlist.

What’s your message behind your song “Jump” ?

“Jump” is really my promise to take myself more serious and stick to my word so that I can actually succeed in all aspects by any means necessary. Given life’s circumstances, I allowed myself to dwell on bs and not move forward with what I know I should be doing. “Jump” is that hustler by nature kind of vibe, a relatable song for an opportunist, a way of thinking, just good energy on a dope beat.



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