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“Arômes d’éternité,” is a Jazz Filled Sonic Voyage

French, Singer, and Songwriter Jany Provost’s melodic techniques stand out in the brilliance of her improvisations. With a voice she’s worked hard to perfect for over ten years, her soulful charisma reminds listeners of the sweet sounds of Klô Pelgag, Marie-Pier Arthur, and Diane Tell.

In 2018, Jany Provost won the Oscar Peterson Jazz Scholarship, an honor that allowed her to introduce her project Audâze at the Montreal International Jazz Festival the following year. A poetic outlet is the essence of this new musical project Audâze. It’s a place where Jany Provost’s audacious, jazz-inspired ideas meet her love for all things aquatic. With the memorable manner in which her soulful Electro-Pop melodies and mystical aesthetic land, Audâze is an alluring siren in the music industry.

Audâze’s most recent single, “Arômes d’éternité,” acts as a wistful soundscape that graces you with delicate eloquence. Your mind transports to cloud nine as you float away from the elusive cascade of carefully crafted melodies that Audâze exudes. The effortless execution that Audâze offers allows you to slip into the music as if you belonged in the composition yourself.

The larger than life performance of the live instrumentation has you intricately listening to each element placed in its own poetic parking space. The striking balance of vintage synths and sultry electric guitar makes an amalgamation best heard with the lights dimmed, and a cold beverage poured. Audâze emotionally caters to her audience as her fine Jazz filled poetry floats on top of the musical fusion. As Audâze continues to pour her heart and soul into her craft, the burning passion within ourselves is ignited.

The senses that we feel upon listening to “Arômes d’éternité” have us finding the finer sentiments in life and appreciating their gentle moments. The triumphant ballad offered up by Audâze has us patiently waiting for her future releases so we can be enthralled once again by her musical grasp.

Hello Audâze, congratulations on the release of, “Arômes d’éternité,” and welcome to BuzzMusic. We would love to know; what inspired you to create this specific song?

I got inspired by moments where you are torn between your envy and your reason. I often feel like this and in those moments I just toss my reason and try to hold on to all the sensation of the present moment. I tried to describe those moments when you feel in levitation knowing this could be the last time living this soft morning with a loved one.

What is the deep meaning behind, “Arômes d’éternité?” What would you like your listeners to take away from this song?

Hmmm good question... for me it would be to savor every moment like it was the last. But I found this question hard to answer because when you write a song and you give it to your listeners it’s no longer yours. Now it's up to them to perceive it. So I would like for my listeners to interpret ‘’Arômes d’étenité’’ in their own way related to their own living experiences.

What was the recording session like when creating this song? We can only imagine the amount of energy in the room!

As my first time recording my original song, I didn’t want to be stressed out by the time and schedule, I wanted this recording session to be a trip with my team. That’s why I rented a chalet in Saint-Féréole-Les-Neiges (near Quebec City) that we converted into a studio for the weekend. We had an amazing time, connecting with nature, each other, and the music. I’m so happy that our energy transcended the music because that was definitely the goal.

What non-musical inspirations do you take into the music that you create?

Since I was a kid I always loved the water. Concretely I'm inspired by the feeling of submersion, weightlessness, levitation and at the same time the strength, the flexibility, the omnipresence of it. That’s why I’m trying to construct a mystical aesthetic around Audâze reminding a bewitching siren. That being said I'm inspired by the moon, the stars, the wind, and all these forces of nature as well!

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

With ‘’ Arômes d’éternité’’ I showed my organic side with a real guitar, real drum, and organic tones reminding the jazzy side of the project. You can be sure to hear my electro side in the next release. Also, I’m currently working on a collaboration with the well-known dubstep music producer Wraz to create a song that describes my childhood landscape. Be sure this one will be something else.



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