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Are You Ready to "Risk it All," with Magenta Moody's New Single?

Magenta Moody gives her listeners a taste of her vivid new single, "Risk it All," from her debut EP, 'The Midnight Club.' Dream Pop has a new face, and Magenta Moody is the representative. The alluring Magenta Moody is an Indie Dream Pop sensation conceived from the depths of Electronic and R&B influences. Magenta Moody specializes in her singing and songwriting expeditions across various moods she encounters to produce identical experiences through her artistry that she can share with her listeners.

Making her debut in July of 2020, Magenta Moody has been garnering attention by exploring the darker attitudes on her emotional spectrum while creating a relatable storyline told through melodic and soul gripping tunes.

"Risk it All" carries heavy electronic elements as it opens up with the futuristic sounds of musical bliss. The anticipation created from the opening instrumentation leaves much to the imagination as it can take multiple routes from any artist tackling the project. However, we have the vibrated and elevated sounds from the one and only Magenta Moody's sultry and crisp delivery that fills the speakers the moment they land down. The soothing effect that her performance carries allows us to be tapped into a warm embrace as she lures us into the storyline of a relationship that is a constant tug of war battle. Having the specific person bring out the good and bad in you, but you would "Risk it All" to be with them at the end of the day. Her emotional wording acts as seeds as we turn to the visual component that is paired with this sonic voyage.

Magenta Moody teamed up with film mastermind Joe Hendo to present captivating visuals where she is vibrantly staged between hallways dripping in neon lights and a lighting wall that continues to change scenery based on moods and colors. Forestry with bright greens, a late-night town scene, and exploding black and yellow dots seem to be the main focus scenes as Magenta Moody delivers a powerful performance matching the energy that she exudes in this song. Although colors and special effects play a large role in this creative direction, there is something pleasantly easing about the dark elements. Pair all of this with the flowing fashion statements that Magenta Moody rocks so well, and we have a true masterpiece sonically and visually radiating in creativity.

Congratulations on the release of “Risk it All.” The eye-catching visuals and theme of the song both fit so hand in hand with one another! Was this always the creative direction for the music video for “Risk it All?”

Thank you!!!!! Originally, I was exploring a murderous skit idea for the video. I was going to dress up as Freddy Krueger and have a friend dress as Jason. Together, we would murder the guests that we had invited to a bonfire in the middle of the woods. I changed my mind when I came across SpaceCraft Detroit! They were running a virtually immersive experience and I thought it was super dope and fitting.

What does this song mean to you as an artist and an individual?

Risk it All, aside from its romantic connotations, is applicable to my day to life. I’d risk everything for the people and aspirations that I’m passionate about. When I’m in, I’m all in.

What made you decide to choose “Risk it All,” as the debut single off of your EP, ‘The Midnight Club?’

Risk it All is probably the most relatable song on the Midnight Club EP and that’s why I chose it to be the debut single! Most of us can relate to being in an infatuating or misunderstood relationship. It’s about making sacrifices for the things you want in life even when the world tells you that you’re bat shit for doing so.

Could you please take us into the creative process of what it was like crafting ‘The Midnight Club?’

I was in an extra spooky mood since Halloween, my favorite holiday was approaching. The Midnight Club explores the darker sides of relationships and self-reflection. Some themes include obsession, toxicity, corruption, and acceptance. Ironically, I was not in a bad mental/emotional place when I wrote these songs. I’m just lyrically drawn to writing according to these themes. I met some super talented producers, their tracks perfectly aligned with my artistry. From there, the songs basically wrote themselves. I’d hot box in my car in the middle of the night and blast the instrumental tracks. Chorus portions and melodies always come to me first and then I create around that. Once I got three songs in, I realized that they were all thematically similar and decided to put them together for the Midnight Club!

What was your inspiration behind creating "Risk it All?"

I often find myself writing to the movies and tv shows that I’ve seen. I kind of had the Joker/Harley Quinn relationship dynamic in my mind while writing. You’re toxic, I’m toxic, but we love each other and are unstoppable together so f*ck it.


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