Ari Tahan Dazzles Music Fans With New Single “Under Water”

February 21 | BuzzMusic

Ari Tahan is an up and coming artist with an enchanting pop sound that will blow you away. Ari Tahan skillful voice can be credited to her experience with music education at different schools like The Academy of Contemporary Music and more. Ari Tahan released her latest single “Under Water” and this song is absolutely mesmerizing.

The sweet-sounding acoustic chords from the guitar and the canorous vocals from Ari Tahan are absolutely riveting together. “Under Water” is lush and magical. Each element in “Under Water” is eclectic and exceptional, complete with a stellar vocal arrangement that we love. Ari Tahan showcases different ranges but adds emotional drama to the vibe with her experience and strong convictions. It is truly atmospheric and heart-rendering. Ari Tahan’s voice is soulfully raw with a rich texture. “Under Water” is the kind of song that you can add to your playlist if you’re seeking a captivating song.

Listen to “Under Water” by Ari Tahan here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Ari Tahan! In what ways has your experience with musical schooling impacted and benefitted your music?

Hey! It's good to speak to you guys again! The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) based in Guildford, helped me develop my skills not only as a singer-songwriter, but also taught me about the music business too. The ACM offered me amazing opportunities such as radio play, gigs, and auditions which opened doors for me at the beginning of my career and really helped me to develop my sound as an artist. Collaborating with my fellow classmates was also a huge benefit for my development because sharing my ideas and developing with other people really took my songwriting to another level. It was the perfect place to feel inspired, motivated and connect with like-minded people, and making long-lasting friendships.

“Under Water” was a beautiful song that moved us with its production. With really detailed lyrics, can you tell us your motive with this song and what inspired you to write this?

Aww, thank you very much. 'Under Water" was written from my mother's perspective about the breakdown of my parent's relationship. I was 15 when I started writing this song, my parents were arguing again downstairs and a cactus on my windowsill caught my eye, which is where the first line of the song came from. It leads me to think of the sharp spines being unpleasant to go near which I thought was the perfect metaphor to reflect my parent's relationship, and the rest of the song stemmed from this idea.

What was the most challenging obstacle you had to encounter when creating “Under Water” and in what ways did the challenge create growth for you as an artist?

"Under Water" is actually the first song I ever wrote. There weren't any major obstacles when creating it as I had a pretty strong vision for how I wanted the song to be. However, as I was fairly young I felt quite limited with being able to develop the song to its full potential, which played a part in why the song has only just been released. I knew it was important not to rush and give myself time to grow, and now that I am confident with my artistry, and being able to work with a strong team that I didn't have to begin with, I was finally able to make my vision a reality. My first experience in the studio was one of the main factors toward my growth as an artist because I learned a lot about production and I am forever grateful for the guidance from Judie Tzuke (Singer-Songwriter) and David Goodes (Producer).

How would you describe the arrangements in “Under Water”? We noticed smooth transitions in the instrumentation and vocal melody.

Thank you! I wanted to keep the instrumentation authentic and simple in order to create a level of realness. Vocal harmonies are something that I am particularly fond of, hence why they are featured prominently in this song. I wanted to give focus on this element in order to create the atmospheric and enchanting feel that runs throughout. Another aspect of the song I enjoyed was the incorporation of musical layers to create the perfect ambiance that compliments the message and general vibe of the song.

Thank you for chatting with us Ari Tahan, tell us, what do you have coming up and do you have any new music in the works?

Thank YOU for being too kind, Buzz Music! I will be dropping an EP called ' Closure' soon which will mark the closing off of this particular period in my life, my writing, and my music style. I have been working with new writers and producers and will be bringing you a new sound of music that is focused more on my present and future experiences! Until then, I am performing on the 21st of May at the Star Inn, Guildford.