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Aric Jones Highlights the Women in His Life with, "I Like"

Inducing his audience to groove with each release, AricJones more recently highlighted the wonderful women in his life through an endearing single, "I Like."

Constantly creating timeless and infectious hip-hop/rap tunes that surround his life and experiences, Aric Jones is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. With his lyrically ingenious and innovative bars, Aric Jones leaves any listener in awe of his vast creative and performance abilities.

Now highlighting his most recent release, "I Like," Aric Jones takes on a more meaningful, personal, and endearing approach as he pays tribute to the women in his life. Through a downtempo beat and warm production tones, Aric Jones takes his time to emphasize his love for someone special.

Jumping into "I Like," the track opens with a vibrant and mellow synth-like key that delivers the utmost pristine and daydreamy melodies. As the downtempo snares and hi-hats make their way in, Aric Jones joins the party and begins delving into passionate themes surrounding someone who's been running through his mind. Not to mention his warm and heartfelt vocal tones, Aric Jones allows any listener to find a piece of themselves in any aspect of this delicate piece.

We can't help but feel that Aric Jones' sound is similar to that of a brainchild between J. Cole and 6LACK; that being said, Aric Jones brings a more authentic and versatile approach while leaving us with a lyrical breath of fresh air. While Aric Jones continues to touch on the sensations he gets when in the process of someone special, the track comes to a sweet and savory end while keeping us deep in our feels.

Find yourself in a heartfelt trance with AricJones' latest endearing single, "I Like," available on all streaming platforms.



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