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Aromantics Released Their Single Titled “Amorphous”

The Aromantics are collectively a three-piece band from South Central Los Angeles formed in September 2017. The band consists of Luis Zavala (Bass), Jesus Sanchez (Guitar) and Andrew Trujillo (Drums). Some of their music influences include artists like Chon, 21 Pilots, and Motown.

The Aromantics released their single titled “Amorphous” and it begins with a kicking bass, rhythmic cymbals and a progressive melody from an electric guitar and that’s all 3 elements formed by the 3 members of “Aromantics” ! only thing missing is just an electrifying vocalist! But do they really need one? Without lyrics and vocals, Aromantics takes “Amorphous” and their listener into a intertwining experience you won’t forget! You create your own journey while listening! Maybe you fabricated a melody? Maybe you selected the theme of the song? Whatever it is, Aromantics sets the foundation for you! The up-beat and radiating energy from the record just completely absorbs you. That’s what’s so hypnotizing about the song it's how the symphonic melodies and augmented tune from the instruments projects a radical high electricity into the listener’s body. For me, this song would be perfect for traveling or just simple highway road trips! Again, the energy it radiates propels your mood into a 360 turn away from something sad to something delighted!

Listen to "Amorphous” here and get to know more about Aromantics below!

Hey guys! Can you introduce yourselves to our readers? How did the band come together?

Hello, My name is Jesus Sanchez and I am the Lead Guitarist/ Songwriter for the Aromantics. I have been playing my instrument for about four years now. I recently got into doing vocals for the band which is something still fairly new to me but it is fun and challenging. Some of my main influences involve bands like Chon, Billy Talent, The Smiths, and The Cure. Those are bands that have impacted my life forever. I also spend most of my time collecting records and skateboarding whenever I have the opportunity since I am always a busy bee. Here is one fact I will you about myself is that I have a phobia against spiders I mean they are creepy creatures.

I remember when I first met Andrew back in the day when I was in High School because of my friend Daniel who had contact with him. One day I decided to ask Daniel if he knew any drummers and surprisingly it happened to be Andrew Trujillo which then led me to get to know him and jam at his garage. Luis is a childhood friends I have known for longest time and he become the bassist when I asked him if wanted to join the band.

My name is Andrew Trujillo and I am the drummer of The Aromantics. I first met Jesus back in 2017 I believe and we would at first just jam out until he thought the idea of making a band, before The Aromantics.After meeting jesus Sanchez, he knew a bassist that can help us bring these songs to life! That bassist is Luis Zavala.

Hello everyone, my name is Luis Zavala and I’m the bassist for the band The Aromantics. The band project idea first initiated between Jesus (Guitar) and Andrew (Drums). Not much time passed by when they both came to realize that they needed a bassist for their new band project. My childhood family friend Jesus came to me in the late summer of 2017 and asked if I wanted to join his musical journey alongside his friend Andrew, which at the time I did not know Andrew. I immediately notified Jesus in that I was 110 percent in on the band project idea but that I had profound musical restrictions, that is, I did not know any music theory. Yes, that means I didn’t know my scales! Having little experience on bass from doing simple Christian Rock and non-worship Rock music covers using Tabs. I met Andrew in September 2017 which was the same time we first all had our first official band rehearsal and since that moment, I have become good friends with Andrew.

Have you guys ever thought of adding a vocalist to the team? How do you manage to tell a story in your music without lyrics?

We did yes, but sometimes we just keep writing instrumentals up until we started writing our own lyrics and jesus volunteered to take a stand for vocals. Well, we all put our emotions towards the band and the music, so whatever we come out with ideas that may or may not work, we manage to make it a story.

What was the overall theme behind “Amorphous”?

When we wrote Amorphous we really did not know what we were aiming for but it just happened to be one of the best songs we ever wrote. We had no clue on what we wanted to achieve but we surely created something that was just us. - (Guitarist Jesus Sanchez) With Amorphous, it just happened like we came together for practice and happened to create an instrumental song that we loved out of nowhere and decided to make it then titling it "Amorphous". - (Drummer Andrew Trujillo)

What are some challenges you’ve faced in creating this record?

Maybe trying to make this record the most fun, sounding, chill, exciting music that no one's heard of. Some challenges I personally faced was having to learn music theory. I decided to learn music theory through YouTube videos and online articles which I knew was necessary if I wanted to contribute original musical ideas to the band.

Any exciting upcoming live performances? What can we expect to hear next from you?

Plenty of them coming up. Re-recording shade of blue and making it better than it was before and hoping to continue to write more songs like these past  EPs. For the future, I hope to become a bassist that can deliver catchy grooves, improvise bass fills, and keep rhythm superbly. - (Bassist Luis Zavala)


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