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Arron Michael Does His Wrongs Right In “Into the Dark”

Texas-born singer-songwriter and country/pop recording artist Arron Michael pays homage to someone special in his sweet new single, "Into the Dark."

Arron Michael is a talented, albeit gifted musician and artist who knows country music like the back of his hand. Also venturing into pop with his passionate releases, Arron Michael knows his way around expressive, characteristic, and compelling music. His songwriting prowess has proven that he's in it for the long haul.

Now releasing one of the sweetest and most passionate singles we've heard this year, "Into the Dark," listeners can get to know a more personal and vulnerable side of Arron Michael as he opens up about his undying love for someone special. The song's smooth-sailing country instrumentals and gentle pop drums bring a sense of modernity that proves Arron Michael isn't a one-trick pony.

Diving deeper into the new single, "Into the Dark," we're gently greeted with a warm acoustic guitar and melodic electric guitar that flows into the twangy and sweet first verse. Arron Michael's airy and lush vocals melt through our speakers with his deeply loving lyrics about those endless nights he spent looking for someone worth it when they were right there all along.

It's an incredibly feel-good and uplifting listening experience that picks up the modernity on the hook with the radiant and groovy pop drums that spice up the atmosphere. Arron Michael has no problem bringing listeners into the middle of his lyrical storytelling; his scenes are easily imaginable and truly inviting.

When you're looking to experience a pure, passionate, and groovy country/pop track, look no further than Arron Michael's new single, "Into the Dark," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Arron Michael. We adore the passionate and loving experience you've delivered with your new single, "Into the Dark." What relationship experiences inspired you to create this touching piece?

All my songs are definitely personal stories that I write about, and I write all my own music. Into the dark was about having trouble in a relationship and then becoming more patient and a better man and realizing what you have to do to make things right and have a healthy relationship

What was your experience writing such personal and passionate lyrics for "Into the Dark?" Is this something you're used to doing?

The experience is amazing. Writing is a huge outlet for me that has saved me many times during all emotional times, and it’s something that I have definitely incorporated into my life every day; I have inspiration, and even if I don’t feel like it, I do it, and it comes out beautiful.

Besides your classic country sound, what genres or sounds did you want to include in "Into the Dark?" What was your vision for the song's production and instrumental vibe?

I like all genres of music, and I just do me! I write and sing how I want and what moves me, and I love mixing genres if you will, but it’s just a collab of who I am and how everyone enjoys my journey! I feel like modern/pop country is a pretty good title, or Maye I have created my own! When I’m with my producers, I just have fun with it and feel it and get into it, and at the end of the day, the final version is what you hear as far as a production instrumental vibe in words and lyrics and melodies.

How do you hope to make listeners feel when hearing "Into the Dark?" How do you want them to react and receive the single?

I always want every song to touch people and make it to that they can relate to their own lives as I feel like that’s what music‘s about helping people through things and a good story of real experiences.

What's next for you?

The sky is the limit! I’m just starting my journey. I would love to make this my full-time career and get on stage and tours with some big artists soon!


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