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Arsnk Graces Us With New Single "Brother"

Arsnk is an upcoming artist that has a unique sound of eerie guitars paired with

authentic lyrics that give the listener a nostalgic feel. Currently, Arsnk has five released

singles on Spotify which include, “Brother” (her latest single), “Godchild”, “Paralyzed”,

“Real Human”, and “Cut Through”. Arsnk’s music somewhat resembles the dark techno

pop of Lana Del Rey although Arsnk has a more classic rock sound to her but is

highlighted with some dark synths creating her own sound.

Her song, “Brother” greets the listener with moody and melancholy guitar scales

that are incorporated into the song very melodically. Arsnk’s vocals tell a story of angst

and wonder. Her lyrics match with the very moody and dark guitar instrumentals. Arsnk

tells her story of what seems to be her family life and all of the loose ends that she has

not tied up with them. The slight breaks in her voice give the song a very raw and honest

appeal to it. The song has a great buildup that is different from most songs, but makes it

even more impactful. Arsnk is sure to be an artist on the rise.

Listen to "Brother" here, and get to know Arsnk better in our interview below!

When did you start writing music?

I started writing music 6 years ago, but I was writing lyrics and poems and short stories since I was 12.

Do you plan on releasing an album in the future?

Yes, absolutely. I have loved the immediate interaction of singles, because I feel the music stands alone as its own entity as well s in a group, but I am so excited to put out my album later this year!

Who are two of your musical influences?

Radiohead and PJ Harvey

In one word how would YOU describe your music and how do you think OTHERS would describe your music?

I would describe it as: raw, others would describe it as ethereal

Is your song, “Brother” about your own family life or is it fictional?

It is an amalgamation of fact and fiction, about searching for meaning and truth in a family set up and an exploration of us all as brothers and sisters

What's next for you?

I have a new band! We play April 16th at Iron Triangle and May 1st at The Other Door, plus will be playing in San Francisco and New York later in the year.


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