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Art Wilde Crashes Our Speakers Like a Tidal Wave in, "Lady Liberty"

New York City, singer-songwriter, rapper, and recording artist Art Wilde releases a powerful and flaming tune with his latest single, "Lady Liberty."

Being raised in a household that discouraged any artistic expression of any kind didn't stop Art Wilde from falling in love with music, especially after relocating to the birthplace of jazz. After busking as a "sideman" and performing at venues like the Jazz Museum and the Lakefront Arena, it wasn't long before Art Wilde's solo career would hit the ground running.

Recently releasing his fiery and highly conceptual single, "Lady Liberty," Art Wilde can be heard rapping the utmost meaningful bars while grooving alongside the song's savory and dynamic beat. We're sure that anyone will take something away from this piece, as Art Wilde's in-depth bars and his performance's charisma are bound to leave anyone with some reflecting to do.

Listening to "Lady Liberty," the track kicks off with a cinematic lyrical introduction where Art Wilde states that the following scenes are more than real, and any similarities to fiction are purely coincidental. As he begins swooning our ears with his melodic vocals, the song brings us into this chilling and smooth sonic atmosphere with the mid-tempo beat, vocal samples, and old-fashioned instrumentation.

Listening to Art Wilde's lyrical performance, he expands on various themes like our country's greed and self-centeredness when it comes to financial matters while also letting us know that he's reached higher heights than we can imagine in our wildest fever dreams. While leading us to the outro with nothing but energy and power, the song comes to a heated end.

Get your dose of realism with help from Art Wilde's latest single, "Lady Liberty," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Art Wilde. What a powerful single you've released with "Lady Liberty." What inspired your bars and lyricism within this track?

Thank you! This track was inspired by life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not the glorified cliched version that has echoed since the Declaration of Independence. This is the version that gets buried in plain sight by the media’s seductive noise. This is the version that some xenophobic slave-owning founding fathers wouldn’t want you to hear. I moved to this country alone at 18 and learned to survive by performing in the streets. This song comes from the depths of my experience as an immigrant and a minority. Like the track begins, “The characters and events depicted on this record are real-life, like real as fuck. Any similarity to fictitious shit, living or dead, is purely coincidence.”

Was it easy to convey your message when writing your bars and lyrics for "Lady Liberty?” What was your songwriting process like?

It was a cold winter night. I was on a ferry floating through New York Harbor - trying to catch a break from my regular grind. That was when I met the unwavering gaze of Lady Liberty. A silent trance slowly pulled me under. I imagine that’s how early immigrants felt on their voyage to the New World. However, it felt strangely sad and angry. She felt sad and angry. It was an overwhelming moment. I couldn’t shake it. I had rented a getaway Airbnb that weekend. I think it was the holidays. I went there after the ferry and just started writing. Most of the lyrics and flows came in one single sitting. I completed the rest of it when I got back home to Queens. So yes, it was easy to convey what I had to say. It just kind of flowed out of me. The hard part is living these lyrics every day - but don’t we, the people, do it so well?

Did you create the soulful and groovy beat yourself for "Lady Liberty?” Or did you team up with any producers to help bring the sonics to life?

I was blessed with a great team on the sonics for Lady Liberty. This soulful beat was intricately crafted by T.J. Nathan and then elegantly mixed by 3GodBvsta. They’re both New Orleans cats. I did executive production work like structuring the form and building the vocal production. But I could neither have started nor finished this song without them. It had been a while since I left New Orleans when T.J hit me up. It happened to be the same night I had my immigrant moment with the Lady. I just started writing to this soulful beat he did on Soundcloud. It caught my ear months ago and moved something in me. By the time I asked T.J for the beat - Lady Liberty had already manifested. I then tried to mix and master the track myself before 3GodBvsta stepped in. I’d been struggling for months because I couldn’t get the sound I wanted. Then, my man Jordan at Mad Honey linked me with this cat, and boom - 3God does it beautifully in a week. I’m mad grateful to have these fantastic people who have helped bring this vision to life.

What did you want your audience to take from your lyricism within "Lady Liberty?” What thoughts or ideas did you want to evoke in the listener?

There is plenty of anger in this song, but I’m out here preaching love. This is a giant fucking disclaimer to anyone who has never lived through such a mess. People hate because they cannot relate. This right here is earnest communication—a painting of poems that helps differently privileged listeners better understand the struggle. As for everyone who has lived through the shit I talk about - I want you to know that you are not alone. Remember that you are strong, and the spirit of freedom inside you cannot be defeated. The system is rigged, and the odds are stacked, but you will not fall because of it - you shall rise in spite of it. More Love!

Should we expect you to continue releasing such conceptual and lyrically powerful tracks like "Lady Liberty" in the future? Would you say that your songs often carry such influential lyrical content?

Absolutely. We’re just getting started with Lady Liberty. I’ve strived for lyrical substance since I was a child. So, you can expect a whole lot of rhythm, lyricism, and clutch concept work from Art Wilde. Why? Because people need it. Therefore, Mad Honey Records and I are going to bring it. The late Nipsey Hussle said, “the greatest human act is to inspire." I have always been a nomad - both stylistically and geographically. Now, I feel myself arriving somewhere I belong. Not some tremendous external destination but a place within. I am at home with myself. The only way to truly inspire change is by becoming it. May this music help you do the same.


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