Art Wilde Takes Us To Thamel NYC With His Latest Music Video

From Nepal to New Orleans, and finally, New York City, Singer-Songwriter and versatile recording artist Art Wilde return with a charismatic single and music video entitled "Onomatopoeia."

Art Wilde was made from the ashes of a nomad. He grew up in a household that discouraged all artistic inclination back in Nepal. After two life-shattering earthquakes, Wilde moved to New Orleans and developed himself as a sideman, gracing prestigious venues such as the Jazz Museum and the Lakefront Arena.

Art Wilde's music consists of a surreal blend of jazz, electronic, and hip-hop, creating a sound that's entirely his own. This unique and intriguing sound can be heard on his latest single, "Onomatopoeia," which drenches us in this sexual and heated atmosphere that's truly invigorating.

Listening to the single "Onomatopoeia," the track opens with a jazzy and downtempo drum arrangement while Art Wilde quickly jumps into the song with his fiery and incredibly swift flow. The difference between Art Wilde's flow and other rappers' is Wilde's ability to rap so quickly while articulating every word with the utmost clarity.

Taking a look at the music video for "Onomatopoeia," we're taken into the warmly-lit Thamel NYC, where Art Wilde puts on quite the show. The music video is a perfect example of how Wilde effortlessly lights up the crowd with his passionate, charismatic, and magnetic performance. While the crowd sings and claps along, Art Wilde basks in the spotlight while flowing through our speakers with incredible sex appeal and allure.

Get down and dirty with Art Wilde's latest single, "Onomatopoeia," available on all digital streaming platforms. Find the song's music video on YouTube.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Art Wilde. We're pleased to feature your latest captivating and passionate single, "Onomatopoeia." What inspired you to create this witty and alluring track?

It’s great to be back! Always a pleasure talking with BuzzMusic. Onomatopoeia has a fun back story: It was peak covid shut down, and I had just moved to New York. I missed playing for live audiences, so I decided to get on TikTok and asked folks for song prompts. My followers suggested the word Onomatopoeia, and I thought, “This is gonna be interesting”. You could say the track started as a socio-musical experiment on TikTok, but honestly, I was just having fun.

Onomatopoeia is the creation of words that phonetically suggest the sound that they describe. Immediately, my mind associated the prompt with the rawness which came to life in similes about animals, nature, and sex. The chorus was inspired by the name of the TikTok app itself because it’s an onomatopoeia of the sound that clocks make. I wrote and recorded most of the song that night and posted it on TikTok for my followers who enjoyed it. I then forgot about the song for a long time, and it might not even have ended up on the album. The project just felt like it was missing something, so I revisited the song. I renovated it with a new beat and a few fresh verses before launching Good Damage.

What emotions or feelings did you want to evoke in the listener when experiencing your hot and heavy single, Onomatopoeia?

I want to take my listeners on a multidimensional journey. My work will be complete when they fully experience the duality of Onomatopoeia. The track starts with three sections: The first uses vivid imagery and fast tempos to paint a lush picture that is both sexual and animalistic. The second section diffuses the wild energy with playfulness and intimacy. The third section creates feelings of both fluidity and detachment through its apparent simplicity and crisp swagger. In less than a minute, the listeners go through all these motions before the verses even start.

Now, after all the energetic arcs of the intro, we dive into a state of contemplation. The verses deal with the docile states of modern conformity. They contrast starkly against the feral, youthful, and stoic spirits seen in the intro. You are encouraged to look beyond lines of normalcy and follow “Peter Pan” to freedom before we can embrace our wildness again. All the while, the beat is laid back and the delivery is cool despite breakneck bars and deep dives. When you can feel the duality in all of this, you begin to realize your own depths and dimensions.

What was it like performing at Thamel NYC for the "Onomatopoeia" music video? Was the music video recorded in one shot?

Yes, the music video was all recorded in one take. It was the most surreal experience! The video was recorded in front of a live audience during the Release Party for Good Damage. I played a set filled with new material and some old favorites accompanied by dope musicians. The crowd had this magical energy that made it an absolute joy to perform for them. All of it was amazing, but things got extra transcendent when the audience started singing along to the chorus on Onomatopoeia.

It’s crazy because everything was so last minute that I almost discarded the event. Yogen dai and Roshan dai kindly let us use Thamel NYC on super short notice. My sis, Urmi didi, asked BB dai from BBL Entertainment to document my performance and he generously agreed. My homeboy B-dawg helped me get my act together by connecting me with DJ Bha2 and Jacky Eddie while hopping on drums himself. I have immense gratitude for these amazing people who truly believed in me and helped make it all happen. So when I got up on that stage, I just had to do what I do best - kill it. (*Dai and Didi mean older brother and sister respectively in Nepalese. We commonly address each other with such familial words out of affection and respect.)

If there's one thing you want your audience to know about you and your artistry, what would that be?

I don’t make music for people to like me. I do it for people who are like me. As a kid, music saved my life. It has carried me through dark and difficult times. I use my gifts of expression to make peace with my experiences. Listeners in similar situations can use this to make sense of their own experiences and emotions. I make maps for misunderstood misfits who are still finding themselves. I make statements that help the quiet ones discover their voice, and the loud ones uncover their purpose. My artistry is a medium for metamorphosis.

What's next for you?

I’m going to put my people on the map. There is so much potential in my part of the world. However, it gets suppressed by backward attitudes and a lack of opportunity. When I moved solo to the States as a teen, I set out to break the mold. I will show people like me that you can rise above it all and share your gifts with people who value them. As we speak, I’m working on exciting new projects that will enable us to make a global impact through my music. Beyond my records, I’m building Mad Honey Records to uncover hidden gems and to allow them to shine like they deserve to. We’re taking over the world next…are you ready?