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Artdei Drops a Thrilling Music Video for Their Single, "Kawhi"

Coming from Washington, DC, the Hip-Hop/Bedroom Pop duo Artdei releases their gripping music video for their eclectic single, "Kawhi." 

All art forms have continuously played a significant role within DWhite and Della's lives, the two beating hearts which make up Artdei. Dedicating days to music, painting, and poetry has allowed Artdei to delve deeper into their craft. 

Getting a head start on Halloween with the release of their powerhouse single "Kawhi," the song's music video gives us modern-day 'Thriller' vibes with DWhite and Della's engaging performance and exciting concept. Both heavily influenced by the Horror movie genre, which viewers can easily catch within the song's mind-bending music video. 

The single "Kawhi" eerily begins with haunting ghost vocals and dreary piano melodies. Once a powerful and futuristic synth steams up the track, the lead vocals deliver soulful and playful lyricism bringing the song into a heated atmosphere. What keeps us listening are the lead vocals complemented by the vibrating synth, creating this heavy vibe perfectly reflected within the song's music video. 

The "Kawhi" music video begins with DWhite suffering a stab wound while putting pressure on it and forcing himself to get up and dash. While Della attempts to calm him down and bring reality into the situation, we can see and feel this primal and haunting energy that DWhite exudes through his monstrous actions. While the instrumentals swell to be this scorching blend of Hip-Hop and Alt-Rock through the fiery electric guitar, DWhite ferociously attacks Della with blood-red eyes, giving listeners nothing but a thrill.

Artdei has captured psychological greatness within their conceptual and engaging music video for "Kawhi," and the track itself brings all the heat for the boys to channel their inner-primal beings.

Hello Artdei and welcome to BuzzMusic. Your single "Kawhi" is truly a vibe, and we love the heavy instrumentals and vocals delivered. Seeing as the title was inspired by the two-time finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, where would you say your group usually derives their inspiration from?

Our inspiration comes from a combination of what we are into at the moment and our own personal interests. They are a lot of factors at play when we’re creating something as it usually doesn’t stem from a single moment. We kind of just take inspiration as they come and go.

Seeing as the beat for "Kawhi" was one of DWhite's archives, what made you want to bring it back to life? What additions did you make to the existing beat?

I (DWhite) had come up with very specific lyrics and knew the exact sound I needed to put behind it. Originally, I used a random YouTube beat but went into Della’s music files looking for a sound to match my lyrics. I found a beat named Stream and I was struck by the heavy synth and sinister aura. In terms of changes, we added powerful drums to keep the beat sounding full and a piercing guitar solo from our friend at Pinewalls. After hundreds of listens came little additions like vocal ad-libs like the “yeah yeahs” and a new structure that lets the beat ride for the second half.

How did you come up with the concept concerning the music video for "Kawhi"? Did you have any particular inspirations that helped the shaping of the video's concept?

When we came up with the music video, we had just scrapped plans for one and we're feeling bummed. It was honestly a blessing though because we realized that we would have been doing way too much. DWhite, a huge fan of the horror movie genre, thought to keep it simple. Drawing inspiration from Childish Gambino’s “Bonfire”, we wanted something that was pretty chilling. And the rest of the video just kind of came together through great lighting and various props.

Could you tell us about the shoot concerning your music video for "Kawhi"? Did you have a team help with the direction, the visuals, and the special effects?

It took one night to shoot the video. We had kinda acted out what we were going to do, but could only rehearse the fight sequence twice because of the breakable bottle props. Having just watched Bonfire though, we had the image of what we wanted the video to look like. But honestly, the best part about the whole night was the boys over at Nova Cat Films. We met these dope guys of Instagram and they just showed up at our house one night and were like “yeah we’ll help you shoot whatever and like edit it too”. So yeah shout out to Nova Cat studios those are the homies.

What can we expect from you?

Right now, we’re really just focusing on whatever comes to us naturally whether that be skits, music, or shorts, but also trying to find the common thread between them all. Some creative stuff we think.


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