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Artis Jefe, a Real Artist With a Real Message

From Toledo to Los Angeles, artist/rapper Artis Jefe is here to spread his wisdom. Dropping an introspective, genuine, and an overall real track titled “Santa Monica Opera”. After graduating with a BA in Psychology and a Master of Social Work, it became clear to Artis Jefe that he had to sacrifice it all and track his life experiences through the art of music. Capturing an authentic storyline with “Santa Monica Opera”, Artis Jefe goes onto telling a saddening tale of homelessness, poverty, and hunger that lays upon the coast of California. Overtop an intoxicating mid-tempo hip-hop beat, Artis Jefe holds nothing back and explains the lows of his tedious journey. It should be noted that Artis Jefe has experienced a bounty of highs throughout his artistic experience, like publishing poetry books in his own poetry business, modeling for various designers, and being featured in creative films. His single “Santa Monica Opera” takes an opposing view and demonstrates the hardships of working up from nothing.

He brings forward intricate and complex bars while rapping the authentic story of waking up outside in the sand, and wondering when he’ll eat next. Without getting lost in the track’s production, he rides the beat so smoothly that lets his message stand unhindered.

An artist that longs to express the peaks and valleys of life, Artis Jefe and his single “Santa Monica Opera” shares a page straight out of his journal.

Discover "Santa Monica Opera" here.

Hey Artis Jefe, welcome to BuzzMusic! You really have us feeling something after listening to your journey of a single “Santa Monica Opera”. Was the track inspired by events that you’ve lived or more so events that you’ve witnessed?

This song is a true story that I lived in. A real testimony (art).

Seeing as Artis Jefe now has a variety of singles out for release and has worked his way up the artistic ladder, why was it so important for you to write “Santa Monica Opera” that explains the journey prior to success?

Santa Monica opera is me at my rawest. My goal as an artist is to be authentic in my art and inspire others to keep going. This was my intention in writing this song. I wrote the poem you hear at the end of Santa Monica opera “men don’t cry…" while I was sleeping on Santa Monica Beach in a sleeping bag. Art is a therapy for me, every release is a release for me internally. Santa Monica is the first song I released.

We’ve heard thatArtisJefehas undertaken a few creative endeavors by modeling, being in creative films, and writing/publishing poetry. How have these experiences helped your brand and artistic self grow?

If I am not creating then I am depressed. In everything, I create I learn more about myself and grow into who I am, Artis Jefe.

Artis Jefe’s main goal is said to be creating art out of experiences that allows listeners to progress on their own journey. How do you go about finding/choosing your own experiences to write about, and what do you think makes your music so relatable?

I write what is on my heart and I think people relate because they feel me.

What can we expect from you next?

I have a single released today on all music platforms today titled “black matter’. I have a single releasing tomorrow June 12 titled “boomerang” featuring Juanita* & drunk canyon produced by rocketman lo. I just completed my debut ep “when the world turned off” produced by drunk canyon releasing in October 2020. The first single of my debut ep “if i die/ grassroots” is out now everywhere! Also, I have an official launch of my personalized poetry business coming soon. Details TBA on my Instagram @poetryartis



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