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ARTIS JEFE Will Never Stop Creating

After working a professional career in Toledo, Ohio, ARTIS JEFE took a leap of faith to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist in Los Angeles.

Since his huge life step of moving to LA, he has hit the ground running and has already released six singles. With a music style that blends harmonies and instrumentals, music lovers who appreciate the authenticity of a natural sound will be entranced by his records. His ability to layer soundscapes with a relaxed beat and magnetic vocals is what makes his R&B sound so enticing.

With lyrics that encourage introspection, ARTIS often brings attention to issues of social injustice in today’s society. A catchy melody in combination with a positive message is what keeps his fans coming back for more. With the attitude that “any and everything can be overcome,” we can count on ARTIS JEFE to continue to persevere as he works to become the best artist he can be.

Check out our recent interview with ARTIS JEFE here.


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