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Artist Formula Announces an Exciting Quarterly Sampler Project With Familiar Names

The artist/music services company Artist Formula announces an exciting new venture with their organization, releasing the first installment of a quarterly sampler project featuring artists of a particular genre and format.

The first installment of Artist Formula's new quarterly sampler projects seems to begin with the Country-Rock genre. The project features highly recognizable artists ready to participate in this venture, as Artist Formula is continually creating new projects to highlight the likes of talented artists.

The first quarterly sampler project features the likes of Drivin N Cryin, a four-piece hard Rock band hailing from Atlanta. One might recognize the musical stylings of Drivin N Cryin through their well-received singles, "Fly Me Courageous" and the Darius Rucker cut, "Straight to Hell," garnering 18M views.

The project also features the prolific Singer/Songwriter John DeNicola, who's written hit singles "Hungry Eyes" and "I've Had the Time of My Life" from the legendary motion picture Dirty Dancing.

The Charleston hailing Singer/Songwriter Finnegan Bell is also featured on Artist Formula's first quarterly sampler project. Finnegan Bell has supported vast artists like John Paul White (Civil Wars), Will Hoge, Marc Broussard, Jars of Clay, Nickel Creek, Hootie & the Blowfish, Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors, and many others.

Last but not least, the owner of Artist Formula Record Group, founder of the double gold award-winning Homegrown Boone's Bourbon Label, and Songwriter Tyler Boone is excited to feature within the project as well. With his many entrepreneurial endeavors, Tyler Boone is demonstrating vast enthusiasm for the upcoming sampler project from Artist Formula, as the quarterly event definitely isn't one to miss.

Since making the transition into Artist Formula Record Group, what has the company been busy with during these times?

Artist Formula Record Group is now busy working distributing records & singles of artists since our transition into distribution. Our main focus is always incredible label services such as streaming, Instagram promotions, TikTok influencers, YouTube growth, SoundCloud & now we have top-tier distribution through KMG (powered by the Orchard) all under the Royalty Network. It's a very new exciting space to be in, we love it.

With Artist Formula's upcoming quarterly sampler projects, what initially gave you the idea to execute this creative endeavor? What should we anticipate from the project?

We are so excited for our 1st quarterly sampler "Artist Formula Americana Sampler" as the concept for these came to fruition back in April once Covid took over the live music industry & we wanted to find a way to help create more passive income for artists by re-releasing their music as a compilation that also has sync opportunities through our parent company "The Royalty Network" I also want all of these future samplers to be with artists we have very strong relationships with and of course strong admirations for.

You've mentioned that your upcoming quarterly sampler projects will feature artists of a particular genre or format. How do you choose which genre to go forward with and execute?

I wanted the 1st format to be more in the songwriter realm since the release date was going to be closer to the holiday's and living in the southeast (Charleston & Nashville) there is a huge songwriter & southern rock community. The next format will be more in the active, blues rock realm, very excited about the next one.

How does Artist Formula go about finding artists to be a part of this quarter's sampler project? Could you explain what goes on behind the scenes of the project's creation?

This 1st sampler seemed very obvious to me. I used to be apart of the management team with Drivin N Cryin, so that was a given. The Finnegan Bell guys are very close friends of mine (family to be exact) and we have collaborated a lot on recordings & live touring. My recent Paste Magazine release "Live at Paste Studio" features Finnegan Bell as the featured artist. Now John DeNicola is such an honor to work with. He came to Artist Formula through an incredible PR company titled "Team Clermont" and after being connected I came to find out he is a prolific writer who has written some of the biggest songs of our generation such as "Hungry Eyes" "I've Had The Time Of My Life" (all from the hit movie "Dirty Dancing" which debuted at no. 29 on the Adult Contemporary charts on Billboard earlier this year. Billboard Hungry Eyes Debut. All of these artists mean a great deal to me and I am extremely honored to work & know them personally.

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