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Artist Of The Day: Avidian

Rock music will always be an iconic genre of music that leaves everlasting impressions and memories on their listeners. Word on the street is that hard rock and alternative band from the San Francisco, Bay area who goes by the name of “Avidian” is creating serious buzz for themselves & they are no rookies to this! This band formed in early 2003 with singer and guitarist, Joshua Frederick Smith being one of the founding fathers of this group. The band recorded their first studio demo in early 2004 in Petaluma, California, and from that point on, they knew they were in it for the long haul. To date, none of the band’s new Material has entered a professional recording studio with the 3 members.

However, the band’s founder, Joshua has carried the name of the band to new begging recently with Avidian “The Void “ (Remixes). Despite the lack of new music being put out, this just shows us this band is more serious in crafting the sound than others. Patience is always a virtue, and we always respect an artist’s genuine dedication, effort, and determination when it comes to releasing music instead of simply dropping lack-lustered singles. Avidian’s work-ethic seems unmatched. We took a listen to their music released so far and it was EPIC. The amount of talent this band is equipped with is killer and really lives up to the hype of the buzz. We can’t help but be even more excited to see what’s in store for Avidian in the upcoming year & we’re sure if it’s anything similar to songs like “The Void”, we are in for a pleasant awakening.

Listen to Avidian's music here.

Welcome to BuzzMusicLa Avidian! You guys have been around since the early 2000s which is extremely commendable. How has the journey for you been in one word and why? What has been the most monumental moment in your career thus far?

We have .., well some of us lol. Keeping band members is like catching the wind with a flyswatter! It’s near impossible at times. But in one word - Challenging. Life changes, people lose interested in their dreams, most just are not ready to take the risks involved with Pursuing a career as a musician or in the arts. Aside from music I’ve been very fortunate to be a working actor. Getting to star in  huge music videos (David Guetta - Avicii ) to name a few...leading roles in films around the World (a few at least ) and a couple really amazing commercials recently, but musically I would have to say mastering at Capitol Records & getting some great Sync placements for our song “Set to Waste “ in commercials . We pay to make music, but getting paid to have it used on other people’s creative projects feels amazing.


Tell us more about your music released in the early stages of your career. Were there any specific challenges you encountered when creating your first demo?

Such a great question! I ponder this constantly ... going back and thinking about what else could be tweaked! But alas it was great for the time. We had no real idea what to expect in a studio, how long it would take to get it right. By the time we had finished 6 tracks we all agreed that we possibly did the wrong songs as the new ones were light years better lol .. but it was a great experience looking back. We spent a month basically living in this huge house in San  Fransisco during the process. In 2003, there were no Spotify or streaming platforms at all... it was lucky if you got a lower grade label or radio spins at the local FM station! I still believe the best songs haven’t been in the studio yet! I can’t wait for that time to come.

In what ways has your sound and music elevated over the past two decades? 

Maturity and life experience no doubt! I have two children, have had a lot of ups and downs in the process of aiming high in my careers, with that comes unexplainable situations however the music gets richer, the layers get wider and the sound develops from all of it... pain and growth are huge contributors for some if not most musicians, unless your intentionally pushing “ empty shell “tracks, which by all means is ok, I haven’t been afforded the luxury of selling out just yet haha !

As you’re gearing up to release new music soon, what new arrangements or developments can we expect? 

Currently there’s a new EP “The Void “ which was a collaboration with several producers, musicians and a rad female vocalist .. aside from going into production on a music video for “The Void“ there will eventually be another EP which ultimately would have been a full Record, but that doesn’t make sense in the era of releasing singles now - Spotify has basically reshaped the strategy for music releases.

Seeing the transition in the music industry since 03’, how do you guys manage to still kill it and gain great traction for your music? It’s remarkable!

Thanks! I’m not sure if I’d say we’re killing it haha, but to still be making music after all this time is a remarkable feat no doubt! Honestly, for me, it’s the fear of never trying & regretting it one day that I stopped... there’s fear of success and then there’s fear of rejection. Self-sabotage would fall under fear of rejection which in turn paralyzes somebody to never even start. Our first shows were so terrible lol! Made up lyrics, the drummer was offbeat & bassist was on another planet soloing the whole 45 min set. It was such a marvelous disaster! This is why we still do this. Great laughs, memories & it just can’t be that bad again right?  :)

Can you hint to our readers what we can expect from you in 2020?

A music video for letting go & the Void, a few tracks off another EP & soon you’ll be seeing yours truly on a wicked awesome Lexus LC 500 2020 car commercial zipping around Los Angeles...

We’re just getting started.


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