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On The Radar: Impressive Year From the Talented New York Artist Marcus Alland

Marcus Alland is a talented hip-hop artist from Queens, New York. He was inspired by music at the young age of 14 when he would sing in his church choir. As a skilled vocalist and creative thinker, Marcus began writing rap lyrics and performing them for his peers when he was 16. He gained the confidence to perform at open mic nights and this helped him realize his passion. Marcus realized early in his pursuit of success that it cannot be rushed and must be earned. He put in the hard work which eventually led to the release of his first original mixtape single “Come Alive”, early in 2019. Marcus them went on to release his next upbeat banger, “Forza” followed up by our personal favorite, “Lemme See”. 

Marcus Alland has had an impressive year so far and he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. As an ambitious creative, he has his eyes on breaking into the fashion industry, as well as acting in the TV and film industry. Marcus’ stride towards success is both admirable and impressive. Regardless of what career path Marcus Alland’s future takes him on, there’s no doubt that he will be a household name. Don’t sleep on this incredible up and coming artist! Check out Marcus Alland’s music here.

Welcome back, Marcus! It’s always a pleasure catching up with you. What have you been up to since you release the single and music video for “Lemme See”?

Just been working on new music to release before my first album drops in 2020. And speaking of new music, I'll be dropping a new EP before the album. Just some good vibes to put out there for the world to enjoy.

What's the most integral element to your music that you find is always integrated into the three tracks you released this year? 

The element that's needed is not only in those three tracks but in all of my music is the ability to feel the music. One of my missions in the industry is to make timeless music. Music that's going to resonate with the heart and soul of the listener.

You present yourself as a really versatile artist! “Forza” has a more hard-hitting hip-hop feel, while your most recent release “Lemme See” is more of an upbeat R&B banger. What trend can your listeners expect from your next track?

I would say something everyone can relate to. You know as an artist, you want to be able to connect to and with your audience and that's what I'm aiming for.

If you had to choose, which music video that you released this year had the most enjoyable filming process? “Forza” or “Lemme See”?

I definitely choose "Lemme See". The reason being is because that video was the biggest one I've ever directed myself and it was truly a blessing to see my vision come alive. It was fun directing and also the people who I chose for the video made it even more fun.

Thank you so much for catching up with us! We’re always looking forward to hearing more. How has your sound developed or changed since your debut single “Come Alive”?

It developed in a way to where I'm even more particular about what's being created from the production to the lyrics. You'll hear it in the EP but you'll hear it even more in the album.



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