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Artist of the Day: Ever Onward & His Alleviating Soundings of Instrumental Curations

One of our favorites is being highlighted today as the artist of the day: Ever Onward. If you don't already recognize the name, we can easily begin off by saying this project is a collection of melodies that are set to inspire. Colin Berardini, the name behind the project of Ever Onward, sets out to create cinematically lush experiences for his listeners with driving and emotionally-stimulating sounds. Ever Onward's productions being instrumental, it allows for the perfect reflective experience.

As listeners, we personally felt extremely relaxed by one of Ever Onward's most recent releases "Ecstasy". As one of our favorite current instrumental tracks, "Ecstasy" gives that alleviating sensation, and has such a delicate and intricate touch added to it in terms of overall sounding. We can easily denote here that Ever Onward can create intense imagery through his instrumental curations, and it allows for any listener to freely create whichever experience they wander into when listening to one of Ever Onward's tracks. Hands down, Ever Onward perfectly captures what an Artist of the Day should sound like, and he offers that highly emotional aspect to his music strictly through the tune. As he's constantly releasing new collections of sounds, we know we have something to eagerly await for with Ever Onward.

Give a listen to Ever Onward here.


Welcome back Ever Onward! We're incredibly excited to be featuring you as Artist of the Day! How does it feel now to be consistently creating productions with your project Ever Onward?

I’d like to start off by thanking you for all the love and support you’ve shown me over the past several months. I’m extremely happy with where Ever Onward has taken me. I’ve grown so much, not only as a musician but as a person as well. Ever Onward has given me the ability to dig deep within myself and use my traits, good and bad, as inspiration in the writing process. The amount of fulfillment I feel is overwhelming and I hope to carry that over into the new year. 

One of our recent favorites of yours has been "Ecstasy". This particular track feels very inspirational and sounds almost whimsical. Where do you find this drive to create tracks that encompass such a collection of soundings?

“Ecstasy” is one of my proudest pieces. I feel that this song was a turning point of sorts for Ever Onward. When this idea came to fruition and I began writing music in a new genre, I struggled at times with translating my feelings into song. After releasing “Ecstasy” and receiving such amazing feedback, I felt that I was finally finding my niche. Every song I write is inspired by the things I’ve experienced in life; the good, the bad, the indifferent. I feel that during the writing process I was truly able to get in touch with my emotions and deliver that in sonic form. 

Your most recent release was this past summer, with "Daydream". Can you describe how the actual production of this particular track differed in the creative aspect to "Ecstasy", your second most recent release?

In my opinion, “Daydream” is sort of a bittersweet track. To be honest, I’m not in love with it and never really have been. The writing process was quick and when that seems to be the case, I feel that I took the easy way out. It’s simplistic, somewhat repetitive and certainly not an intricate composition. With that being said, “Daydream” is an absolute representation of the things I feel when I find the time to sit and reflect on life. So, while it’s a simple song, it’s also sincere and an accurate portrayal of allowing my mind to wander. 

Learning to Breathe was officially released in August, as your leading EP. The surplus of soundings this EP is able to manifest was beautiful. How long did it take you to go through the creative and recording process for this EP?

After releasing five unrelated singles, I really wanted to piece together a cohesive and meaningful EP. After much thought, I decided that I was going to compose an album that touched on some of the best years of my life. Learning to Breathe is a conceptual album that follows the journey of meeting my (now) wife, the highs and lows that take place in a serious relationship and the commitment of marriage. After determining the content I wanted to highlight, the creative process was surprisingly easy. Although promising ideas were fleeting, having to compile them into fluent tracks was somewhat difficult. A seven-minute song became two entirely different pieces, one of which was eventually squashed. A two-minute song wasn’t enough to encompass what I was trying to express. I eventually took a step back to gather myself and after much contemplation, I was able to pound out what is most definitely my greatest accomplishment to date. Through thick and thin, learning to take a deep breath before taking action is the most important lesson I’ve learned to this day. 

How is it that you can accurately create these vivid experiences for listeners that can make them feel such a variety of emotions? Where do you typically find your drive for creating such a vast array of soundings?

From the onset of Ever Onward, my goal was to always use my emotions to drive the music that I write. I feel that by being true to myself and by letting my heart and soul lead the way, it, in turn, inspires listeners to get in touch with themselves in that very same way. Music is one of the greatest outlets in life and by creating lyric-less compositions, it allows them to feel what they want to feel, not how they’re persuaded to feel. 

t's always a pleasure to feature you, Colin! We love the project of Ever Onward, and what it stands for as a whole. With your most recent EP being released this past August, what do you think is the next plan for Ever Onward here on out?

As I’ve said before, I always appreciate the support I receive from Buzz Music! I’ve recently signed a publishing deal with FBP Music and I’m currently in the final stages of my next EP. My goal is to continue growing personally and musically and to forever be able to inspire those who take the time to listen. 



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