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BuzzMusic Exclusive Spotlight: The Shining Star Maddisun

Today we’re recognizing the shining star all the way from the peaky mountains of British Columbia, Canada, Maddisun. As unique as her name is, this multi-talented and versatile artist is slowly but surely taking over. She has all the incredible ingredients that make an icon, her dreamy, soulful vocals, and expressive lyrics provide comfort and inspiration. Her influences range from classic showstoppers like The Pretenders, Maggie Rogers, and Amy Winehouse. She delightfully mixes her individual indie sound with undertones of soulful blues & folk.

Maddisun perfectly bridges the gap between the loftiness of archetypal New Age tracks, and the brashy sterility of contemporary pop, easily connecting with her fans, creating a very special space with her music. Her track record is as impressive as her talent. This driving force in music has a relentless collection of different songs you can select from including the delightful romantic single “Wild Roses”, the beautifully resonating love ballad, “Sorry”, or the uplifting aura of “Differences”. Maddisun has proven to be exceptionally well at showing range in not only vocal dynamics but multiple dimensions to her musicality. Within five months this powerhouse has released three singles and a visual, proving to be a hardworking success in something she’s immaculately interested in. Listen to Maddisun's music here!

Hey Maddisun! It's great to chat with you again! What does this mean to you and how has the journey been so far as an artist?

Thank you! This is a really cool opportunity, and I appreciate you guys picking me for 2019 Top 10! This basically means that everything I have been doing this year, and how hard I have been working, is paying off. This year has been amazing since I’ve come back from living in Europe I have really thrown myself into the music. I do pretty much everything by myself as a solo artist, and it just enriches my soul when I create good music, and when I nail a live show, it all makes sense you know?  

Any major lessons you’ve learned throughout your Ups & Downs of your career so far? If so mind sharing any?

Definitely that you just gonna keep your head up and keep reaching for your goals and following your path. It’s hard to get recognized and respected fully for being a solo (female) artist, so I’ve learn to just disconnect from that and tell myself and others that I’m exactly where I need to be right now musically and there is always room for growth. It’s easy to judge yourself and make yourself feel like your music isn’t good enough - but if you are creating and connecting then there’s no need to force it.

You released so many amazing tracks this year! Which would you say best represents your artistry and why?

I think my newest track “Wild Roses” is pretty much exactly what I’ve been wanting to achieve in a song, for a long time. It was so simple when I wrote it and I remember when we started to produce it, it wasn’t even fully written... but it just flowed, and that’s how the song feels too. That’s pretty much how I feel as an artist as well, I try not to force or control things much, and just let it be and let the music come. My track “Sorry” also represents me a lot as an artist, it shows my powerhouse vocals and my ability to fully express myself in my music and just let it all out. I write a lot of very emotional music as well, and both of these releases show my diversity as an artist I think. I’m really proud of them.

“Sorry” showcased a significant amount of emotional conviction. What inspired you to write this song? Was it challenging in any aspect?

Sorry was definitely a tricky song to create and project. I wrote it as soon as I got back into Canada after a pretty crazy emotional wave, and it was really cathartic, and so I still go to that place and feel that way every time I play it live. Sometimes these emotions and feelings are hard to come to terms with, but it usually means you will be able to fully express it and embrace the vulnerability, and that’s kind of what “Sorry” depicts. I was definitely inspired to write this song after recognizing how I reacted in a certain situation in a previous relationship, you realize how things make you feel when you reflect, and this can be very inspirational and great for writing.

When you have so many great songs, how do you plan to continue elevating your next releases from your previous?

I am constantly growing and changing as an artist, but also always inspired. After I release a song I am already writing songs that I think are better - or ways I can improve as an artist. Sometimes there are dull moments, for sure, but that’s when you embrace the silence. I am still so young, and I want to continue to learn and immerse myself in the music so I can become a better artist, and more consistent in my releases.

2020 has great things in store for you! What are you looking forward too in the upcoming year? What has been your favorite moment in 2019 so far?

Wow, I am so excited for 2020  - not gonna lie I kind of feel like it’s “my year”.

I am so settled now in my music career, and I know exactly what I need to do to succeed. I am definitely looking forward to writing and releasing more music - and hopefully, put out the full album I have been working on! I hope to book loads of live shows and continue to connect and network with other artists and industry people my favourite moment this year has definitely been the journey and discovery of my “sound” I think I really know exactly what I want to do musically now, my single “Wild Roses” really helped me realize this, and was such a huge success that I can’t wait for what’s next...


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