Artist Of The Day: Olympia Papageorgiou

Not only is she national, but she’s an international superstar who is showing the world how powerful and badass a hardworking woman can accomplish. If you’re curious as to who, we are talking about Olympia Papageorgiou who has created a name for herself that will continue to grow and stick with people in the near future. Based in Atlanta Georgia, this flawless diva was signed to Qurriculum Global Record Label in February of 2017. She has multiple singles under her belt including, “Falling Apart” and her biggest to date, “Salud”, alongside being featured in “Homecoming” by Eddy Fuego and several other songs released that same year.

She doesn’t stick to the norm of being boxed into one genre, I mean how boring is that? Instead, this vibrant artist is influenced by a wide range of genres and inspirations, some of which included Greek, R&B, and Jazz. Not only does her music hit well, but her personality is also invigorating and memorable. Olympia had her first interview with This is How You Music in 2018 where she discusses details of her artistry as well as her single 8th Day. killing the stigma that artists throw all their eggs into one basket, Olympia is also pursuing her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Mercer University while pursuing music as well. Does it get any better than this? We not quite sure it does! Olympia’s smashing music can be found on all platforms and you’ll be a fool to not tune in to this next groundbreaking and trailblazing success!

Listen to Olympia Papageorgiou's music here and get to know more about her below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Olympia! We’re excited to have you with us and discuss your music more in-depth. Knowing you attend school as well, can juggling both your music and schooling become challenging or stressful at times? In what ways?

Thank you! I am excited to be back on BuzzMusic! Juggling both music and school is very intense especially if there is a direct overlap of assignments and recording sessions. There are times where one can feel like it is in the way of the other but I do my best to balance both. I find school interesting especially because the topics are on a graduate-level but that also means its demanding. When I feel like I need more time for school, I slow down the music temporarily. I am blessed to have a team that understands that and knows that my education is a priority. It goes to show that you can continue school and pursue music at the same time, you just have to be balanced. Who said you can’t be a singer and a doctor!

Tell us about your first single “Falling Apart”. For your first song, did you already have a clear idea of how you wanted the record to be executed? Why or why not?

Falling Apart is interesting because it originally was not going to be my first single. It was actually going to be a feature but then morphed into a single. Going into the studio, I didn’t think that I would leave with a reggaeton hit! I love dancing and found that Falling Apart was perfect for that so I decided to release it. It also took a while to record because it was my first experience recording a song like that but it was incredibly fun. I hope to release more reggaeton songs throughout my music career!

Talk to us about your record “Salud”, this has been deemed the biggest one of your career so far. What was the theme behind this single?

It definitely has been my biggest record so far which is crazy to think about. I never thought I would even say words like that haha. Having a Greek-Cypriot background, I wanted to add international and world sounds to my music and I found Salud to be the perfect track. I wanted to release a summer/international song and I just fell in love with the sound of it. It merges several languages together too so it is pretty unique in its lyrics as well as the instrumentation. Because I have a dance background, I knew that I wanted my music to be something you could move to and Salud offers that.

Where do you draw most of your inspiration from when it comes to writing these hit records? How do you channel in the perfect emotion to create these pieces?

What a good question. My inspiration really comes from my cultural background, dance, and languages. I co-write with my producer which is very helpful and he is much more knowledgeable about structuring songs which makes the songs come together very well. I can't take all the credit, I have a team that is open, diverse and really knows what they are doing. I definitely let things come to me while I listen to a track and try not to limit myself to a certain topic or theme because you never know what surprises will come to you. Emotionally, I have to feel the track and seriously enjoy it to want to write or sing on it. I can be picky at times!

From an artist’s perspective, in what ways does “8th Day” differentiate from the other amazing hits you released prior? 

8th Day is a very special song with an old school 90’s R&B vibe which I love. It’s smooth and sultry but not over the top. It is the only true R&B song I have released! Salud is international, Falling Apart is reggaeton, Salud (Remix) is R&B and Pop but 8th Day has that old-school feel to it. 8th Day is definitely in its own lane when it comes to lyrics, sound and nostalgic feeling. I hope that when people listen to it, they think of the person they love.

What’s the legacy you hope to leave behind you Olympia?

Wow, what a question! I am not sure… I think I am too early in the music game to really know. In general, I hope that when people listen to my music, they have good feelings and want to dance, smile, laugh and be carefree. I hope that some of the music makes them think, intrigues and uplifts them. Even if I can't choose a legacy to leave behind, I hope that if I do, it's positive and impactful.