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Artist Of The Day: The Odd Neighbourhood Releases New Single "The Good In The Bad”

The Odd Neighbourhood released their single titled “The Good In The Bad”. An intricate mix of classic jazz and subtle rock. It immediately begins with chord progressions and an appealing melody we can become engrossed by. The dramatic climax between the first verse and the hook was a detailed sensation we can’t help but to love! The amount of soul and groove in “The Good In The Bad” mixed with poetic lyrics can allow us to enjoy the tune while becoming serenaded by the words. I really enjoyed listening to "The Good In The Bad", it mentally opens up a time machine where we can travel back in time. A time when music really made us think and feel, but still being engrossed fully in the song. Where we felt a sense of emotion. Rather it be happiness, melancholy or passion. Instead, it is rare nowadays to find music that can truly impact people. “The Good In The Bad” bridges the gap between connecting with your emotions and being captivated fully by the vocals and music. That’s why I greatly appreciated this song and believe it could be a leading hit single that will carry The Odd Neighbourhood far in their music career. We can't wait to hear what's next!

Listen to "The Good In The Bad" here.

Hey there, care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hi! This is Travis Adams AKA: The Odd Neighbourhood, which is a musical project by myself, 19 years of age and located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

How did "The Odd Neighbourhood" form?

The Odd Neighbourhood formed as a band some many years ago (four to be specific) and went through lots of change. Starting with a reappraisal of it’s title and my other band members (Troy Pawloski, Hogan Smith.) decisions to step back from recording and giving all writing, recording, performance and production to myself, to tackle in my home studio.

What’s your artist perspective on “The Good In The Bad”?

The Good in the Bad is a hilarious song, to me. It’s a fun little jive I wrote and recorded in July, 2017. It just couldn’t get much more slacker. It’s lyrical content is mainly framed around my love for the weekends.

Do you have any upcoming tour dates?

I’m really excited with the idea of doing a mini tour soon. Hopefully when I release a new song or album! But as for now, the shows will come and go as they please. I’m really trying to focus on recording for a few more months!


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