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Artist On The Rise: Chiefeezy Releases New Song “Block Barbarian”

Chiefeezy is an upcoming artist from Denver, Colorado. Chiefeezy has an impressive track record of underground success! Being one of the top artists on the Coast 2 Coast mixtapes, and being featured on mixtapes with E-40, Erick Sermon, Smoke DZA and Rockie Fresh. Chiefeezy graced the cover of C2C Magazine issue #33 alongside Chrisette Michelle and Trae “Tha” truth.

Chiefeezy released his new single Block Barbarian”. "Block Barbarian" will have you reminiscing with the classic "feel good" music that we know and love. “I know my block truly loves me” is the key highlight lyric of "Black Barbarian". What we loved the most about the song is how it evokes the feeling of companionship and unity within a community. It’s the perfect jam we can play at a celebration with our friends or family. Chiefeezy delivers a clean flow with catchy lyrics. “Block Barbarian” gives off strong West Coast vibes within his music and that could be another reason why we personally love it! Chiefeezy delivers a sense of region in his music while paying homage to his personal neighborhood and block. “Block Barbarian” is an upbeat and fun song that showcases Chiefeezy's charismatic nature and outgoing spirit. The friendliness presented in the record is what makes this a standout hit for us!

Listen to "Block Barbarian" here and check out our exclusive interview with Chiefeezy below!

Hey, welcome to BuzzMusic! How has your upbringing impacted your music?

My upbringing in a rough environment from the inner city of Denver has impacted my music by reporting the facts of real life social economic issues, as well as household issues of a broken home family. Have experienced many hardships that have allowed me to express the creative artistry with how I deliver my rhymes to music.

Tell us about “Block Barbarian” how does the title reflect the theme of the song?

BLOCK BARBARIAN is basically a narrative of three witty verses telling an underlying theme of how I took a different route out of my rough neighborhood from gangs, drugs & all types of inner city crime. It describes how a guy grew up on a certain block & became not only in control of a popular block, while giving back love to many friends/family who grew on a one of the roughest blocks in East Denver. Its as if my neighborhood taught me how to stand my ground in certain type of situations that impose a threat to my safety & means to survive & deal with them to some it all up saying BLOCK BARBARIAN represents the mentality of a savage, thug, roughneck hoodlum who's also educated & intertwining the best of both worlds in anything I do in life.

What inspired you to write “Block Barbarian”?

The track and music inspired the song BLOCK BARBARIAN along with having a "VOICE" as I simply let the music tell me what to do. Also just having something to say about my inner city & being one of DENVER'S UNDERDOG'S of the rap game along side some the best names in the game..

Who are your musical influences who have helped shape your career in the music industry?

My musical influences is a lifelong list of the greats ranging from Marvin Gaye, Prince, Michael Jackson, Roger Troutman, Run Dmc, LL.Cool.J, E40, 2Pac, Ice Cube, Scarface, Redman, Rakim, Nas & the list goes on.

What’s next for you through 2019?

I'm currently working on my follow up single "YOU GOT IT" along with shooting 3-5 videos & have as of recent been contacted by promoters to do several shows in three different countries all based on INDEPENDENT GRIND & HUSTLE.


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