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Artist On The Rise: LA's $AMURAI With Latest “On Top”

$AMURAI (born Edwund Flowers) is a 20 year old up and coming rapper from the suburbs of sunny Los Angeles, California. A self-described “black sheep” of the rap genre due to his unique and individual swagger, he calls himself $AMURAI as a way to metaphorically represent his warrior mindset. From the tender age of 7, $AMURAI knew that music was his destiny. His father was a music producer, and $AMURAI grew up watching his brothers record songs and raps. At the age of 9, he wrote his first ever rap, and he has loved the stage since he was part of his middle school choir. $AMURAI began to take music more seriously in high school, but at that time he was more of a singer than a rapper. Puberty was a rough patch for him, as he struggled with his singing voice which caused his peers to sneer at his dreams. However, never one to give up, after graduating high school $AMURAI took auditions for the likes of The Voice, American Idol and America’s Got Talent. After a short time rapping around the house, he realized that the rap game was more up his alley, and he released his first single on SoundCloud called “On My Wrist”. After a great deal of positive feedback, Edwund Flowers fully transitioned to the artist known as $AMURAI. He hopes to be the next big thing in the rap game, with his aggressive flow, hard hitting beats and authentic style.

We just took a listen to $AMURAI's new single called “On Top” and it's straight FIRE. The song begins with a sword being unsheathed, a homage to $AMURAI’s warrior mindset. The beat is well written and complex, and the vocals are immediately catching. The verses are delivered with punch, intensity and an incredible attitude. The song oscillates between rapid verses and more spaced out chorus, making this song a constant battle between peaks and valleys. Inspirational quotes about greed and discontent are peppered throughout the single, providing another insightful dimension to the lyrics. $AMURAI’s single “On Top” is a great offering from a young rising star, and we can’t wait to see what's next.

Listen to "On Top" here and connect with $AMURAI on Instagram


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