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Artist On The Rise: Listen To Saamoh's Latest Hit "Shootin Da Flows"

Saamoh is a hungry artist who is ready to finally to show off his talent to the world. He has been ghostwriting for other artists for several years and he has finally decided this year to drop a few singles of his own. Saamoh’s style is stimulating and hype, leaving you needing more. His music has a trap vibe fused with R&B and HipHop, making his sound unique and memorable. The best part about his music is that he successfully maintains a story about his life throughout all of his songs. I appreciate how transparent Saamoh is with his fans and how real he keeps his work, all while keeping it authentic and fresh at the same time. My favourite track by Saamoh is “Shootin da Flows” because first, the beat is totally sick and energized! When I listen to it I get an instant adrenaline rush and it makes me feel invincible. Second, the song really gives the listener an insight on Saamoh’s life. Saamoh raps:

“Been through a lot, I know sorrow, hustle for my own, I don’t borrow,

till we meet again, see you tomorrow, fight for yourself, face your horror”

The story in “Shootin da Flows” is how he started at the bottom and how he had no handouts. The message in this track is that you need to earn and work hard for what you want in life, and to face your fears to become stronger. I like the meaning of this song because it really compliments the energy he gives off, making it the perfect addition to your workout or motivational playlist! We can’t wait to see what Saamoh comes out with next!

Listen to "Shootin da Flows" here and get to know more about Saamoh in our interview below!


Hey Saamoh! Can you tell us more about yourself and background?

I grew up poor and was introduced to hustling and hard work at a very young age. I’m a mechanical engineering student, but, did ghost write music as side hustle.

What made you want to start recording your own music?

I figured there is more than just ghost writing. For example, I can sing so why can’t I sing my own songs? I couldn’t rap then but, I realized with a lot of practice and failures I can master raping better. So I decided to give it a shot even though I also knew it would take a while.

What inspired you to write “Shootin da Flows”?

“Shooting da flows” is metaphoric expression, and that I have a lots of verbal “bullets” which doesn’t run out, therefore, I’m going to continue shooting, because that I’m a boss.

Is there something that you want your listeners to get out of “Shootin da Flows”? 

Yes, that is, be a boss, take the shot because you will NEVER run out of trying until you succeed.

Whats next for your Saamoh?

I have 3 album genre that I’m working on. The songs I’ve released are just for people to criticize or critique, whiles they witness greatness in the making.


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