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Artist Outlook: Caesar

Welcome to BuzzMusic Caesar! Tell us about your stage name. What’s the story behind “Caesar”?

The story behind my stage name Caesar is; when I was young I was a huge supporter of 50 cent and his music in the early 2000s. When the movie "Get Rich or Die Tryin" came out I was intrigued and captivated by it. The name Caesar was used and from that moment on I decided to go by the name Caesar whenever I would do music or freestyle. I've been going by the stage name Young Caesar to Caesar since then. Caesar to me is a very confident and powerful name. 

We really enjoyed your single “Never Gave Up”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

I wrote this song in late December of 2018 in my parent's villa in Nigeria. The mood behind this song is inspiration, motivation, to never give up in anything you want to do in your life, and lastly, follow your dreams no matter how many times you may fail. When I was in Nigerian, my family and I first went to Lagos, Nigerian where we stayed for like a week and then we went to the village where my parents were born, grew up, met each other, and where our villa was at. During the whole trip especially when I was in the village, I learned about the struggles my parents endured to get to America and how hard they had to work for everything they've received thus far and related it to my life and current struggles that I face in America. This moment gave me the inspiration needed to create this song. I remembered the generator being off, my headphones in, the instrumental playing, and me writing in my parent's villa in Nigeria.

How would you detail your songwriting approach to your song “What You Need”? What inspired you to write this single?

My bro Emandagawd had all the creative process behind this song and he mentioned; The process behind this record was us really channeling the inner thoughts of what goes on at parties. There's always that one "plug" who has anything you need to get to that next "level" or knows someone who does. Then you have some people who only smoke, you have some people who only drink, etc. So it was really us putting ourselves in that setting and pinpointing these different individuals that create the dynamic of most functions whether they're the loudest or the quietest in the room. Subtle things throughout the track help paint the whole picture like the slight slurring of words in the hook is an example of how people can be when intoxicated.  What does hip hop mean to you? Hip Hop is a movement, culture that is very diverse and encompasses music, visual arts, expression, and fashion. Hip hop also means to me the creation of new trends, waves, and vibes that is somewhat unique but honest and true to the creator's individuality. Basically, the creation of new flows and sounds that is sonically pleasing to one's ear, that creates some kind of a movement, is what the true idea of hip hop is in my opinion.

Thank you for sharing Caesar! What can we expect from you throughout 2020?

You can expect much more marketing and promotion for the project "New Chapter" as well as the Two-Track tape that are both currently out on all streaming platforms. Also, you can expect a personal project from the bro @Emandagawd dropping sometime during 2020. We will have some local shows and concerts lined up as well as some music video shoots for our music for 2020. It's only just the beginning. Stay tuned and we appreciate everyone apart of this journey.



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