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Artist/Producer Arula Releases Her Soulful and Unique Electronic Single “How Long”

The full artistic package Arula releases her dark and cultured electronic hit "How Long." As a songwriter, sound-healer embodied movement guide, and electronic music producer Arula displays her limitless spirituality within her extensive discography and doesn't conform to one specific genre. While her recent single "How Long" surrounds a new beat/mid-tempo bass sound while captivating us with melodic cultural instruments like the sitar and bansuri (bamboo flute). Arula's vocals bring another radiant aspect to the song, as she heavenly vocalizes full of breath and clarity. She brings forward a sound similar to Rezz, with haunting atmospheres and textured drum breaks.

Opening with dark, eerie pads and incredibly light cymbal touches, "How Long" slowly progresses wider and reaches into our souls. Arula lays her vocals overtop is such an effective way that allows her audience to connect with their spirituality deeply. Especially once the beat drops with added melodic sitar, taking us to warm and sacred places. Not to mention harmonic bansuri that lifts our spirit and locks our attention in. With added whispers and a new beat approach to her electronic sound, the vast difference between Arula and modern EDM producers is that Arula takes us to earthly and grounded places rather than into space. Truly bringing something fresh to the EDM scene with "How Long," Arula exudes spirituality and allows us to do the same.

Be sure to listen to "How Long" here.

Hey Arula, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re very excited to feature your recent dynamic electronic hit “How Long”. Could you speak on the sound and atmosphere you were originally going for when creating “How Long”?

Sure, this song started as a piece I created for a live Prayerformance experience.  It was originally about an eight-minute song that featured a few instrumentalists including didgeridoo, djembe, & daf.  I wanted to keep the essence of the live version but create something a bit more mainstream and danceable for the release.  The song is really a prayer for the earth that says"it is time to wake up, no longer shall we repress/ignore the voice & intuition of the feminine essence, the wisdom of the earth, indigenous peoples, plants, & animals."

Within your single “How Long”, Arula incorporates mesmerizing sitar and blissful bansuri melodies. What led you to add in these cultural elements when producing “How Long”?

I've always had a wide variety of musical influences, over the past few years I've become more fascinated and hypnotized by eastern strings, flutes, & rhythmic world influences.  As I began experimenting with electronic music I felt called to include some of the elements that have influenced my life and inspired me as an artist.

We’ve heard that Arula’s discography is incredibly broad, where you don’t necessarily conform with any genre. Could you speak on some musical influences that might have impacted your unique genre-defying sound?

I do tend to explore a variety of genres, I know there are opinions that artists often succeed by sticking to a certain theme with their sound but exploring different styles is really one of the things I love about making music, it keeps me engaged & excited. I feel as though it supports my growth as a producer because there's so much to learn about each genre.  I would say that my overall genre is "dark sensual" and while I dabble with other themes this is sort of the umbrella of my musical explorations.

We’ve noticed that Arula is very spiritual, whether it’s through practicing qigong, astrology, or sound healing. How does your music reflect these endeavors, and do these practices aid in the creation of your music?

Hmm well I do feel as though playing and creating music is its own spiritual practice in a way, my other rituals support my creation of music and vice versa - it's all energy.  I'd say learning to play & flow with the energy, whether through song, dance, or other movement arts, is supportive of our health and creativity. 

What can we expect to see next from you? 

Sharing lots of new music, hopefully touring, playing both intimate shows & bigger festivals (when we can do that again!)  I have a number of releases coming up in the next few months and I'm really feeling called to share these "earth activism" songs with fans & friends.  I will also be collaborating with some of my favorite producers as well so stay tuned!



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