Artist Spotlight: Aimee Saturne Keeps Things Hot with Her Dark, Sensual Music

Aimee Saturne has smashed onto the music scene recently and is getting ready to release her debut album.

Her very first single, “Don’t Tell My Boyfriend”, is an alternative, dark pop song that radiates heat and lust, and shows her love of expressiveness. Aimee has a passion for storytelling, weaving intricate ideas and images through her lyrics. She gravitates towards a sultry, darker sound that emulates her personality and creative mind, and shows the voluptuous side of love and longing.

Aimee Saturne has a way with words and driving a story of intimacy with her sensual vocals and production style. She aims to always keep her music personal, showing different sides of herself and always keeping her heart open. She wants to make music that will capture attention and keep people guessing, while always making sure she has fun with it.

Aimee is always challenging herself and keeping inspired by the places and people around her, and as she prepares for the launch of her upcoming album, will keep working hard at developing a sound just as alluring and mysterious as that first taste we got.