Artist Spotlight: Alix Perti Weaponizes his Passion and Heartbreak While Bending Musical Genres

Every now and then you come across an artist who blows you out of the water with their capabilities.

Hybrid artist, Alix Perti, definitely comes to mind with his ability to take South Asian melodies, 70’s psychedelic rock, and Hip-hop and form an intoxicating genre that has us all on our toes. This stands especially true with his latest release, “Quarantea.”

Perti is not afraid to take on the experimental risks combining elements that transport us with our nostalgia and serve us up a plate of sonic intensity. He provides us with infectious grooves and a middle eastern-inspired ambiance. As a budding producer and powerhouse of an artist, Perti manifests versatility and innovation with his unique sound.

This Long Island native will continue to bend genres and take his fans on a musical trip with his fiery tracks and storytelling. Alix Perti always promises to bring the purest forms of expression no matter how weird it gets.