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Artist Spotlight: Aliza Li Expresses her Emotions with Poetic Lyricism

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Aliza Li is a singer and songwriter who is bringing her authenticity into the R&B world. With sultry and slow vocals complimenting her hypnotic soundscapes, it will be difficult to stop yourself from listening to her records. After hearing any one of her songs, fans would never guess that Aliza Li has a hard time putting herself out there emotionally. Thanks to music, she is able to overcome this obstacle. 

Aliza Li uses her songwriting as a means of communication to express her inner emotions. For her songwriting process, Aliza uses how she is feeling at the time as inspiration for her content. She allows herself to become truly exposed, which forms a deeper connection with her listeners.

With her ability to admit her faults, and how she learns from them, fans can feel more comfortable with their own flaws. We can always count on Aliza Li to continue to push boundaries as she develops her sound and ‘defines her uniqueness.

Check out our recent interview with Aliza Li here.



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