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Artist Spotlight: Alt-Rock Band Unsound Sunday Takes Advantage of Instrumental Collaboration

Consisting of Cesar Aguiar, Christopher Moreno, Brian Ramirez, and Aaron Cuellar, Unsound Sunday is an alternative-rock band from San Bernardino, California.

Each member is a multitalented artist: Cesar takes on vocals, rhythm guitar, drums, and keys; Christopher on the drums, keys, and backup vocals; Brian plays the bass, backup vocals, and keys; and Aaron takes on lead guitar and backup vocals. With such a multitude of diverse talents, Unsound Sunday is packed to the brim with music potential.

The band begins their curative process by first getting their instrumental sound down. They create each song as an instrumental soundscape, then use the feelings it creates to inspire their lyrics. Fans can always count on a dynamic electric guitar, a groovy baseline, and anthemic vocals. 

Unsound Sunday is able to create such original pieces when each member adds their own unique sounds and opinions. Unsound Sunday’s collaboration is the key to their success.

Discover our recent interview with Unsound Sunday here.



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