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Artist Spotlight: American/British Singer Blake Collins Likes to “Cross-Pollinate” Between Genres

American/British singer and songwriter Blake Collins is the type of artist who loves “cross-pollination” among different genres. He adores the history between the influences of American rock and roll and British music on each other. Aiming to draw from this tango, he combines flavors of each music style into his songs. With a sound comparable to The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and the Kinks (to name a few), Blake Collins has no trouble hooking his fans after just one listen.

He has been described as having that “it” factor that just makes him and his music likable to the masses. His instrumentals have a groovy vibe, consisting of anything from tambourines to guitars to symbols. With his jiving beats and catchy melodies, Blake Collins will transport the listeners to decades past. On top of his instrumental sorcery, Collins is always sure to include some witty songwriting for those clever fans that enjoy a good story.



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