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Artist Spotlight: Backseat Vinyl Takes a Seat and Patiently Waits for Highly Anticipated Album

The Denver based Alternative trio Backseat Vinyl is one of those acts that are able to bring together electrifying atmospheres, aggressive sounds, dancy rhythms, and a fun love into a single song.

This dynamic combination of styles together is what makes us absolutely in love with everything Backseat Vinyl does. With their latest release “Forever Fun” having us feeling both nostalgic and in awe from hearing something so unique, Backseat Vinyl showcases their anthemic side and it is the perfect break tune for their upcoming album “Scared of Everything”. Now with all of the stones set in place for the pending album release - over a year of planning -, Backseat Vinyl is now patiently waiting for release day to soon show off to the world the type of magic they have been sitting on for the past while. We are extremely excited about this new album since listening to “Forever Fun” and we can’t wait to give it a listen on release day.


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