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Artist Spotlight: Be Prepared to Feel the Warm Embrace of Blaine Mitchell

Transporting listeners through his inner voyage to liberty, Fort Worth, TX, Folk artist Blaine Mitchell, continuously reminds his audience what they’re capable of through the melodies that he creates.

His most recent single, “Losing Myself,” reflects the manner in which Blaine Mitchell wears his heart on his sleeve as he allows his words of emotion to act as a safe space for all.

Pulling us in, one soothing note at a time, the burning passion that radiates from this melodic tune offers listeners an immense amount of hope for our futures while encouraging us to do what's best for ourselves.

Through the somber performance of the instrumentation paired with a heartfelt vocal delivery, it is hard to not gravitate your attention towards Blaine Mitchell. "Losing Myself," allows us to feel the spirited music deep within us we can easily relate to the profound content that Blaine Mitchell continues to put forth. We may have once lost ourselves, but we’re so glad to have found Blaine Mitchell.



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