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Artist Spotlight: Caliban Strange & Their New Track “Cesium Time”

Getting right into their soundings releases in 2019, we come across Caliban Strange’s “Cesium Time”. The track features a variety of elements that once wrapped up together, produce that authentic styling exclusive to Caliban Strange. The pace of the “Cesium Time” is an interesting aspect to the track—it quickly contrasted right from the start, but actually aided in the unique styling of their production. The vocal delivery is slower and incorporates almost a melancholic element within. However, the actual product itself is a bit more fast-paced than what the vocal offerings bring, and so the product that is “Cesium Time” is quite intriguing, to say the least!

The band has released a music video for the track, debuting in late November, which is an incredibly retro-take on an imaginative story of the track. Caliban Strange has collectively made a potent sound that mellows listeners out completely, and this is the element of contrast within one's music that is completely appropriate! Although we highlight “Cesium Time”, the band has released in total 3 tracks in 2019, with an EP pending. We’re so intrigued to see how the EP executes because their sound was so distinctive from the start that we can imagine that aspect gets further translated in a collective EP! For now, we’re focusing on the bands current sound, like “Cesium Time”, and we’re content. We hope to see the band progress even further in 2020, and that they receive the necessary attention from indie/alternative music fans! Caliban Strange is available on Spotify, and we highly suggest you check out the previously mentioned video for “Cesium Time” as it’s definitely one you haven’t seen before! 

Discover Caliban Strange here.

Hi Caliban Strange! We’re grateful to feature songs like “Cesium Time” here at BuzzMusic! Since the release of the song is still so recent, how have you found the current traction for the track in the last couple of weeks it’s been out for?

Cesium Time is a very recent release and has only been heard by a select audience. Time is measured by the vibrations of the Cesium atom in an atomic clock, and so we are being very deliberate in the release timing. We will be releasing 11 notes at 11:11 every day until the song is done. We have found that 100% of our trial audience has given the song rave reviews!

“wow, I like cesium” – Doug H, professional sound engineer “Awesome video! Love the special effects with the freight train as well as the street shots in fast forward. I like the studio shots as well; I assume that is Ron's studio. I can't get enough of the lead guitar (Roland did a great job)!

Seriously, you guys should submit this one to CBC for their playlist. IMO, it is perfect for their weekly Indie show “– Eric F, Guitar player, and music fan

Is there a pinnacle sounding to what makes the band Caliban Strange?

A baby is born, and travels through space and time, creating a dialog with the universe. Words pop into our heads, and we let them bounce off the walls of the vacuum jar that is our physical reality. Words create an image, and notes bend around a central theme. We have a mission to be irreverent, intellectual, and thought-provoking. It always starts with a story. Everything we write, words, music, tempo, are all designed to support that story. We craft words, beats, notes, and surprises on the running driving beat of our musical canvas. The best parts stick to the gooey center and make a tasty childish treat. We incorporate insights from science, history, literature, and visual arts. We play all of our sounds, but we also play well with others. We invent new instruments.

The music video for “Cesium Time” was incredibly retrograde. Where was the band's inspiration stemming from in order to curate this video?

We live in a retro-industrial town, where the industry of the past is decaying all around us. Factories are turning into condos; startups are picking through the bones of the glory days of the industry. We are part of a proud community of the K-Dub sound, which is punching far above its weight on the national and international music scene. We are a band that started more than 30 years ago in the 80s, so retro is in our blood. 2020 is our 11:11 breakout year, where our resonance will transcend into the rest of the universe. The video is an attempt to capture the feeling of fleeting time, always moving, sometimes in multiple directions. Sometimes there are gaps. We are time traveling tourists. The studio shots have retro film filters… an homage to our roots, when the film was the only medium for videos, and the internet was made of newsprint. The video is an impressionist view of time, to the click-tock driving pop beat that winds through all that is yours… and all that is mine.

Your EP is currently pending! How much longer until fans can expect the official release?!

We are getting the images together right now… all the music is complete and perfect. The release will happen very close to the end of this year! Happy Holidays!

We hope to have Caliban Strange back on BuzzMusic in the near future! We’re excited to see the direction of the band, as the potential is most definitely there. Where do you all see Caliban Strange taking off to next?

The internet is like the night sky. Since the dawn of time, people have been searching the heavens for answers, patterns, and meaning. Like a super bright supernova, we plan to illuminate our special section of the sky. The internet is like the night sky, where people search through infinity to find a glowing orb that speaks to them. We are that beautiful particle and light. We imagine an alien reality and translate their songs for the Earth Monkeys. We have like, a zillion songs written and ready to perfect into our audio magic. We have many art and multimedia projects, from the painting farm, art-audio projects, toys, mind projectors, solar-powered rocks, and alien radio stations supported by our alien e-currency Zircon. We are an insignificant planet, orbiting an insignificant star, inhabited by partially evolved monkeys attempting to understand the universe. Our music may be the only way to achieve relevance and connect to the music of the spheres.



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