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Artist Spotlight: Charlie Muse

Born and bred Soul singer, Charlie Muse comes to us from Ohio State and has recently brought us her new ambient R&B jam "Dive."

As we heard on Charlie's latest release, her hypnotic vocals, and infectious lyrics transport the listener into a pictorial auditory experience.

Charlie dissects her music verse for verse, immersing herself in the lyrics to pull out the storyline as she watches it play out in her imagination. It is that level of detail that enables her listeners to experience a vivid musical experience.

Now stationed in Viva Las Vegas, Charlie has learned a lot from her journey in the music industry. Charlie is more conscious of what she writes about, not only writing about love and heartbreak. Charlie's songwriting abilities have blossomed into exploring uncharted territories, writing about wealth, healing, overcoming traumas we face in life, self-reflection;

Charlie writes about her experiences she's developed as a person. AsCharliecontinues to develop and grow both as an artist, and as a person, we are left waiting on the edge of our seats for whatCharlieMusereleases next.



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