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Artist Spotlight: Chise Up

Coming at us from Chicago, Illinois, Chise Up is the sprightly duo that Hip-Hop fans didn’t know they were missing.

The sonic partnership officially began at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale when the two cousins Daws Lotto and Cognac Classic first realized that their individual musical talents were enhanced when they collaborated. Since then, Chise Up has never ceased their production and in addition to dropping countless singles they have just released their fifth studio album ‘Heavy Drugs 3.’

Never taking a moment to rest since the start of their creation, Chise Up seeks to improve their music with each release. Having collaborated with the dynamic producers Dolomane CKP, Ill Brown, and S7NLEE, Chise Up is able to showcase their musical versatility when it comes to lyricism and flow. The pair looks at their music as if it is an audio movie, using hard-hitting verses, thumping bass lines, and radiating synths to tell a story.



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