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Artist Spotlight: Derrick Cobb Show His Sensitive Side Through His Music

Derrick Cobb is an artist full of sentiment and passion that becomes apparent once you hear his music. With R&B roots holding his style together, Derrick is someone who doesn’t allow his struggles to affect those he loves. His new song, “In Love” touches on precisely this. As a message to his significant other that he will always be by their side no matter the barrier, his song “In Love” is only one example of the compassion and kindness that he’s capable of capturing in his sound.

With a style that makes a mark on every song he creates, Derrick brings us deep into his artistry and shows us exactly what he’s all about, and with confidence too. The energy and feeling behind not just the lyrics but the melody and production, also, is translated so effectively to his audience. His voice provides a sense of comfort and will make you feel right at home. Not to mention his abilities when it comes to dynamics. With Derrick’s music, you’ll never find yourself bored. The determination and focus towards his career as a musician is apparent and has gotten him to where he is today. Before you know it, Derrick Cobb will have you captivated and awaiting his next move in the industry.

You can find "In Love" here.


Hey Derrick Cobb, welcome back to BuzzMusic! We’re loving this different approach you took with a sincere balled through your single “In Love”. What made you take this passionate direction, and portray such vulnerable and heartfelt lyricism?

Deep down inside we all want love. We all want to be in love and to feel that we are loved back in that way. It’s human nature. The lyrics are so personal because I wrote the song as a way to express myself to my love. I am married and I am also an artist so it is very hard to find balance in a lot of ways. I wanted to express my feelings deeply and also being very direct with what I feel. This was my chance to be vulnerable, open up myself and my heart. I play tough as nails but deep down I’m a big ol softy

Within your single “In Love”, Derrick Cobb sings incredibly passionately and displays love at its finest. Did you happen to face any difficulties when writing this song, and finding unique lyrics that suit your emotions?

There were so many difficulties that I was facing while writing this song. There were times when I was reading the lyrics and a tear would drip down my face. I never realized how much love meant to me until you start to see it or in this case to see the words on the paper. To be honest, my love was doubting my love for him, so the songs is my plea. My plea that I am in love and it actually stands strong in it. This song was a test a big test and I am so happy that I decided to move forward with it.     

We’ve heard that Derrick Cobb has an upcoming full-length LP in the works. How does “In Love” tie in with the LP, and why did you choose “In Love” to lead the way?

Yes, I do, the secret is out lol but yes, the LP is set and will get finalized later this summer. The album is entitled One-Nineteen and “In Love” ties in with the entire theme of the album. This album showcases the high and low of love for an artist. What we go through, how we feel, how others in our lives perceive us when it comes to our personal lives. One-Nineteen is also my marriage date and the date that I got my first indie deal. 

Speaking on Derrick Cobb’s discography, your track “In Love” really brings a different aspect to your sound. Could we potentially see more diversity like this within your upcoming music?

Oh For sure for sure. As an artist, It is my belief that you must grow. You only grow by exploring different sounds and also making sure that you still stay true to who you are. We have some Acoustic sounds on the album and there is even a reggae record in the works. My thing is we are in a creative climate where anything goes so why not you know? I am learning so much and I really want to display that.   

What can we expect to see next from you?

Well after all of this madness is over, I am for sure headed back in the studio to put the final touches on my project. After that, I will be back on stage and preparing to tour at the top of 2021. Then Imma head home to NYC and reconnect with all of my peoples over there. I also snagged an acting role in short film so in the meantime I will be preparing for that.  



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