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Artist Spotlight: Digger Jonez Creates a Refreshing Cocktail of Genres

Digger Jonez is the type of artist who will pique the curiosity of anyone who hears his music and have him lingering in their minds long after. Thanks to his parents, up-and-coming Canadian artist Digger Jonez grew up surrounded by a musical environment that included anything from rock music to folk music. He eventually discovered his own passion for Hip-Hop, however, he refuses to box himself into one exclusive genre. Maintaining his appreciation for music as a whole, Digger Jonez often fuses his favorite aspects of a diverse array of genres including Rock, EDM, and Jazz. Inspired by the likes of The Dave Matthews Band, Pendulum, and Tupac, Digger Jonez is sure to bring his fans a refreshing cocktail of authentic guitar lines, energetic electronic synths, and passionate vocals.

Bringing his own contemporary spin to old-school Hip-Hop timbres, Digger Jonez pays tribute to the classic sounds of the past all while delivering a new experience with every song. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Digger Jonez’s highly anticipated album “Hydro.”




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