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Artist Spotlight: Dirty White Shoes Has You Covered with Their Indie/Pop Collections

Remember Angel Ascencio and Jordan Waller, better known as Dirty White Shoes? If you don't, it's probably time to start thinking about the alternative energy you're seeking. As a predominantly Alt/Pop duo, Dirty White Shoes creates music that speaks to and inspires a variety of listeners, often fitting into that magically effortless ambiance. Listeners can expect to be lured into a luscious and expressive atmosphere where Dirty White Shoes captivates listeners with their ultimate persona. Making listeners want to connect and be one with the flow of their sound, Dirty White Shoes are all about implementing a care-free environment, all while stimulating their listener's musical tastebuds.

When looking back at some of their recent releases, we find that Dirty White Shoes has excellent compatibility. The first time that the music duo worked on a track together was their most recent one, "One More Night." After countless ways of communicating with each other virtually, the pair completed the ethereal-sounding song and found themselves just as driven to create more together. With everything going on around us, Dirty White Shoes aims to stay just as motivated as ever, extracting their influence and energy from everyday life itself.



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