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Artist Spotlight: Diving Into T.N.L.C's Dynamic 20-Song Album

The Tomball-based hip-hop artist, rapper, songwriter, and recording artist T.N.L.C recently dropped his heavily underrated and debut 20-song album entitled 'Shoes of a Beginner, Mindset of a Winner.'

One can hear Cris Pronce's, a.k.a. T.N.L.C's musical influences shine through on his songs, especially names like Logic, Kendrick Lamar, and the late great Mac Miller. However, what surprised us was how intricately created his latest album was, which doesn't fall short of anything his inspirations would release.

The highly anticipated record, 'Shoes of a Beginner, Mindset of a Winner,' not only showcased T.N.L.C's lyrical mastery but sonic explorations through the lens of modern hip-hop. In an exclusive interview with T.N.L.C, he mentioned that the record's diversity was precisely what he wanted to showcase during his big debut.

Whether he's creating a sultry vibe or an honest and storytelling song, listeners can rely on T.N.L.C's latest record when in search of something refreshing and long-lasting. The album was created when T.N.L.C was at his weakest point but showcased his journey to a happier place in the most skilled and poised way.

"I can tell you that this is just the beginning," notes T.N.L.C on his latest record 'Shoes of a Beginner, Mindset of a Winner,' which you can find on all digital streaming platforms.


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