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Artist Spotlight: Echo Glass Turns Fine-Literature into Poetic Lyricism

The indie group Echo Glass is one of those types of acts whose music is full of storytelling love. Each song feels like a novel that is unfolding in front of your ears, and it is a pleasantly soothing experience. Echo Glass's most recent release, "Little House," beautifully falls in line with what the group is all about, and we are deeply touched by the songwriting. Echo Glass knows all too well how to send shivers down your spine, whether it's the lyricism or their haunting melody writing, Echo Glass is sure to provoke emotions while listening to their music.

Drawing in inspiration from personal experiences, and then going in whichever musical direction fits the song without having to worry about trying to fit in a box, Echo Glass independently sets out to showcase instantaneous moments of life through music. We don't know what will be happening next from Echo Glass but we can be sure that we will have to have the tissue box on standby for their next release.

You can listen to “Little House” here.


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