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Artist Spotlight: Emerging Pop Artist Grace Day

Emerging pop artist Grace Day initially made waves within the Irish music scene before gaining the attention of artists and listeners alike in Nashville, Tennessee. Teaming up with various producers and DJs across the country, Grace Day offers listeners insight into her view as she wanders through one of France's most romantic cities in her newest single, "Bordeaux."

The bright acoustic guitar paired with each passionate, soothing string of vocals depicts a memory of a past love while falling head over heels for someone new in a city filled with love. "Bordeaux" is a genuine, tender, and heartfelt pop production that will remind listeners of a Taylor Swift style romance.

With each highly serene and organic element in the melody, Day's single compares to one written by Dennis Lloyd. When asked about the production process for "Bordeaux" in an interview, she explained she felt inspired to create a single filled with dream synths and electro-pop drums. This musical nostalgia is what sets her apart with this single as well as an artist.

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