Artist Spotlight: Erica Ray Gives Thanks to Our Creator

Hailing from Oklahoma, singer/songwriter Erica Ray provided us with compelling context surrounding her latest single, "At Home Now (Holy, Holy, Holy)." A devastating event occurred when Erica Ray experienced the murder of her best friend and had to testify against the person who took her life. Needing the grace and help of God more than ever, Erica Ray turned to a worship circle retreat in the North Georgia Mountains, where she was spiritually guided to a feeling of 'home.' Thus leading us to her soulful and peaceful hymn, "At Home Now (Holy, Holy, Holy)." Within this song, Erica Ray portrays the sole message of inclusivity and allowing the listener to realize their place on this earth before it's too late.

Also noting that Erica Rays' grandmother has a significant influence on her creative process, she mentioned that being in her grandmother's presence as she sang to Erica always made her feel at home. Erica Ray has continuously turned to songwriting to help her cope with emotional strife, and she's well aware that God watches down and supports her every move. Also aware that she's constantly able to create because our Creator has shifted her outlook, Eric Ray shares her struggles to help us relate and heal from our own obstacles.