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Artist Spotlight: Erin B.’s Main Inspiration Towards Writing Music

R&B/Hip-Hop recording artist, songwriter, and dancer Erin B. graces us once again with his artistic versatility. While being born in Jamaica and moving to Toronto, Canada, Erin B. found his unique background to be the main force behind his music. First, developing his skills as a writer by creating poetry for his grandmother at just eight years old. He became instantly inspired to craft something with more power to it. After being influenced by artists like Drake, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Vybz Kartel, and many more, he was determined to create universal music that emotionally reaches people across the world.

Highlighting that his mission as an artist is to make his dreams of positively impacting the music industry a reality, Erin B. brings resilience with every endeavor. Erin B. also spoke on how he strives for nothing but the feeling of letting others resonate with his textured and indulgent lyrics. Even writing from sincere places, he mentioned that his recent EP 'In The Meantime' surrounds the positives and negatives that we endure in relationships. While also working on an upcoming project that is said to speak on Erin B.'s journey and how he observes present-day society, we're incredibly excited to see what conceptual piece Erin B. will conjure up next time around.

Listen to "In The Meantime" here.

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