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Artist Spotlight: Even a Lockdown Cannot Hide Ohreo's Creativity

Coming to us from Los Angeles, California, Ohreo dropped his latest track "Lockdown" from lockdown, showing us his creativity has suffered no setbacks during this challenging time. Instead of becoming recluse, Ohreo reached out to fellow friends and artists on his latest release, "Lockdown." His devotion to creating music that reflects on daily life is what influences him the most. Staying in tune with how others live their lives, Ohreo creates content that understands the struggle and empathizes with life's obstacles, conveying his more important message of hope and triumph.

Ohreo's artistic journey has been about finding his voice by living an honest and dedicated life to his greatest passion: creative expression. Through music or acting, Ohreo strives to be unique in all of his endeavors, never trying to emulate other artists that have come before him. To keep his sound unique, Ohreo collaborates with various producers and artists within the artistic community to gain fresh perspectives he enhances his music with. Not wasting a moment of 2020, Ohreo has been busy creating music to expand his musical catalog, and with more spotlight projects in the works, we are certain this is not the last time we will hear from Ohreo.

Discover "Lockdown" here.


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