Artist Spotlight: Expose Yourself to Cultural Soul with Natalie Oliveri

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Natalie Oliveri is a multitalented R&B/Soul artist who is diving headfirst into the music scene with great success.

She is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has showcased her talents on stage internationally from Tokyo to Paris to New York.

With such a natural musical talent, Oliveri was scooped up early as a vocalist and hook writer for a variety of projects. She has even shared the stage with huge names such as Gloria Estefan and Estelle. Musically, she hooks her fans through her unique vocals layered over a masterful production.

Growing up, Oliveri was heavily exposed to Retro Soul music and uses that as one of her many songwriting inspirations today. In addition, the half-Colombian artist is fluent in Spanish and often incorporates Cumbia instrumentations and rhythms into her music.

By sharing both sides of her culture through music, Natalie Oliveri is able to capture a wider audience and expose her listeners to new cultures.

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